Alchemy of Peace: Art of Relaxation

Clearing your emotional self.  FORGIVENESS

Chakra: Sacral 2nd Svadisthana
Archetypal Qualities: Adaptability, emotion, psyche, movement, relationships, creativity, forgiveness of others
Direction: West
Season: Fall
Moon Phase: Full Moon
Intention: Individuation
Affirmation: I am me
Color: Blue

It is important to devote time to wash away clutter from our emotional self, which in the mind manifests as stress. Emotional clutter is stagnation, a lack of movement. Clutter in our homes is the physical representation of stress. Our aspiration is to tune back into our intuition once we’ve washed away that which holds us back from being more receptive. Just like cleaning our home, and washing our clothes. These retreats are designed to help you wash away the debris to discern what is really causing you stress and to motivate you to do something about it. This purification is all about the water element of the second chakra invoking compassion and emotional intelligence.