Alchemy of Fire: Art of Adventure

Clearing your spiritual self.  PASSION

Chakra: Navel 3rd Manipura
Archetypal Qualities: Energy, passion, sociability, humor, self-esteem, vitality
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Moon Phase: First-Quarter Moon
Intention: Emancipation
Affirmation: I am free
Color: Red

On these retreats we focus on the Fire Element of the 3rd chakra. Part of this elements medicine involves facing our fears and burning them off to regain our energy and vitality. We want to move from dullness to clarity both physically and mentally. Everyone carries some degree of stagnant, repetitive thought patterns that hold us back from creating our best intentions. Detoxing the mind challenges us to dissolve away self-limiting beliefs so we can open up our minds and hearts to be our best selves. When we orient ourselves to the South we are fluent in enthusiasm and alive with passion!