Alchemy of Acceptance

Clearing your physical self. NOURISH.

Chakra: Root 1st Muladhara
Archetypal Qualities: Stability, security, trust, physical health, loyalty, grounding, safety, forgiveness of self, acceptance.
Direction: East
Season: Winter
Moon Phase: Last Quarter Moon
Intention: Manifestation
Affirmation: I am here
Color: Green


Our focus is the Earth element. The earth is associated with our ancestors, our back body, and where we’ve come from. Since we experience the world through taste, touch, smell, and sight, we need to make our earthly body (the container) strong enough to create a nurturing home for our soul and ultimate transformation.

The root chakra aligned with the earth element sets our foundation. It is important to understand our starting point: What are we feeling right now? In order to honestly reveal our feelings, we must first feel safe.  When we are grounded, our roots go deeper, providing us more physical and emotional stability. Like a plant, the deeper the root base, the bigger the bloom above ground. The stronger our foundation, the more confidence we have to reach for our greatest visions. The root chakra feeds and strengthens the power of manifestation.