Casey Petersen's Xinalani Playlist 2



Beautiful World – Colin Hay

K-Half Noise – Mum

Killed the Lord, Left for the – This Will Destroy You

Jets – Bonobo

The Good Good – Snoop Lion

Imperials – Ratatat

House of Card – Radiohead

On the Air Tonight – Phil Collins

Unfold  – The xx

Just breath – Willie Nelson & Lukas Nelson

Switzerland  – Daughter

Sea of Love  – Cat Power

Bali Yoga Barn Playlist

silviateachingmemesilviateachingcr laura visma credit dd

1. Khandhalha – Karma Frequency

2. Embrace – Dub Sutra

3. ooh child – Beth Orton

4. So High – DJ Drez

5. Praise –  Shantala

6. Memphis Happiness – Sly & Robbie & The Mad Professor

7. Something You Can Feel – Stars On 33

8. Don’t Go – Justin Martin

9. Gooey – Glass Animals

10. Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse) – Phaeleh

11. State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U) – Jim James

12. Evolution – Cat Power

13. The Setting Sun – Dub Sutra

Feminine Fire Yoga Class Playlist!


1 Ganashyama – Dave Stringer

2 Lakshmi – Girish Girish, Donna Delory, Greg Leisz

3 Praise – Jaya Shantala

4 Govind Gopala – Wah!

5 Om Narayani – Govindas and Radha

6 Long Time Sun – Girish Girish, C.C. White, Jon Gilutin

7 Dub Version – Wah!

8 Remembrance – Benjy Wertheimer

6th/7th Chakra Yoga Class Music Playlist

6TH/7TH CHAKRA: Intuition and Crown
Intuition and Knowing. These chakras are those of internal communication. They help us answer the question Who Am I? And how does what I believe influence the reality of my life.

  1. There Is A Light – Steve Gold
  2. 6th Chakra – Violet Universal Eye – Sound -Love -Alchemy
  3. Big Medicine – Mari Boine
  4. Buffalo Dance – Dub Sutra
  5. Here Comes the King – Snoop Lion
  6. No Guns Allowed – Snoop Lion
  7. Doin’ It Right (feat. Panda Bear) – Daft Punk
  8. Do You Believe? – Poolside
  9. Karate – Kennedy
  10. Something You Can Feel – Stars On 33
  11. Don’t Go – Justin Martin
  12. Trapped In My Mind – Kid Cudi
  13. State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U) – Jim James
  14. Jai Ma – Annmarie Solo
  15. 741 hz – Sol (Awake Intuition)
  16. Stand By Me – Various Artist

Earth: First Chakra Yoga Class Playlist


“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing hostility.” -Khalil Gibran

Whether you are teaching or taking class, every element of the experience effects us energetically. Music is a very powerful tool for getting out of your head and into your breath, so it’s important to have a selection of songs that support the theme of the class. Here is our grounding first Chakra playlist from our recently concluded Haramara Mexico Retreat!

EARTH: First Chakra- Muladara

Song- Artist
Embrace – Dub Sutra
Jai Ma – Annmarie Solo
Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg
The Trapeze Swinger – Iron & Wine
Afterglow – Phaeleh (feat. Soundmouse)
Free In Your Love (Purna) – Steve Gold
Praise – Shantala
Infusion (Bombay Mix) – Adham Shaikh
A Prayer for the Soul of Layla – Jamshied Sharifi & Hassan Hakmoun
Secret Insights – Daniel Otsuka
The Setting Sun – Dub Sutra




Name Time Album Artist

Ahir Bhairav (Sunrise In India) 5:19 Most Relaxing Classical Indian Music… Splendor of Meditation

Tango to Evora 4:10 The Visit Loreena McKennitt

The Sunrise 6:15 OM Yoga And Meditation Tj Rehmi

Violet theme 5:57 Buddha – bar X Pochill

Vogue 4:52 Madonna

Let the Groove Get In 7:12 The 20/20 Experience (Deluxe Versi… Justin Timberlake

Land Of Anaka 5:19 Pure Moods III Geoffrey Oryema/Brian Eno

Green Arrow 5:44 I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One Yo La Tengo

Inward Journey (Dawn’s Mirage) 3:15 Canyon Trilogy R. Carlos Nakai


Name Time Album Artist

Nwahulwana 6:49 Ochestra Marrabenta Star De Mocam…

Good Thing JS 4:16 Black and White The BoDeans

One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankel… 3:32 One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankel… Asaf Avidan & The Mojos

Second to Numb 3:37 Declaration of Dependence Kings of Convenience

Soul Rebel (Afrodisiac Sound System… 4:38 Roots, Rock, Remixed Deluxe Edition Bob Marley & The Wailers

Dreamcatcher 6:37 Tandava Bahramji And Maneesh De Moor

Shavasana/Deep Relaxation 4:28 Yoga Sol Shiva Rea