Working with Shamans

We will coordinate appointments for you with local Balinese Healers, Shamans, known as Balians. Learn more about the tradition of Balians below.


Basic Facts about Balians:

Balinese trade information about Balians with skill and charisma, because we do not believe in anyone who declares himself a “Healer”. There are bogus practitioners, some quite famous.

Most Balians were “chosen”, they did not choose. They came to discover their gifts in the course of trying to heal themselves.

Balians do not advertise, draw attention to themselves, or like to be addressed as Balian. This can invite jealousy and bad feelings.


Balian Etiquette with Healers:

Real Balians receive their gifts from a spirit, based on Bali Hindu philosophy. They credit this spirit with giving them their gift of healing. Others through a very long intensive study and initiation from a well-known healer(s) or High Priest(esses). They are the Balinese equivalent of a “doctor”, who has to follow an etiquette and moral code, which is not that different than the modern doctor.

Healers are not regarded like movie stars or celebrities so don’t treat them like one.

There are so many types of healers who work on specific problems, from broken bones to broken heart, mental disorders to “mysterious” problems, so chose one that is appropriate for you.

Expect that it will be a process–expect to receive several treatments at least and that you might have to change Balians if one does not work. * It is not an instant process; so don’t expect to be healed on your way to the Airport.

Balinese bring an offering to a healer, with a token of appreciation (fee) inside. At the conclusion of the day, the healer dedicates this offering to their spirit in the family temple. People give what they can afford. Foreigners should give at least 100,000rp. Think of what you pay your Doctor! Your offering should never be less than what you are paying your guide or driver.

Balians are regarded on a status similar to priests. Consequently if you visit one, you should show respect by dressing in a sarong and temple scarf.

Remember always to give your offering with your right hand, and never point the bottoms of your feet at the healer. Never ever touch their head or face, which is the most sacred part of their (and your) body.



What I Love About Astrology

By Malia Scott

Astrology, like the collective unconscious, with which psychology is concerned, consists of symbolic configurations, the “planets” are the gods, symbols of the power of the unconscious.  – C.G. Jung, Letters 1951-1961

Astrology. A hobby turned passion turned passion project and now an offering.

A tool that continues to guide me along the path that I am passionate about sharing with others.

Your cosmic roadmap is authentic and unique to YOU. Just like your yoga and meditation practice. Just like your favorite food, clothing and music. Astrology is simply another sort of guidance. The practical wisdom from an astrological cosmic roadmap reading can support you along your path so you can discern when it is the right or perhaps wrong timing to move forward with a particular aspect in your life, when to step back and re-assess, when to make the move or not.

Astrology covers every aspect of your life:

• Self image / Identity in the world

• Self-worth + money

• Communication

• Family, home, roots + security

• Self-expression, creativity, pleasure + romance

• Work + health

• Partnership + marriage

• Transformation + sexuality

• Beliefs + higher learning

• Career, profession + reputation

• Aspirations + goals

• Soul growth + privacy


I am excited to be offering discounted 1:1 astrological cosmic roadmap readings ($108/hour) in Haramara July 12-19, 2014  as another way to support you in Embracing Your Purpose & Finding Your Bliss, whether it be your birth chart, your relationships/compatibility, your career or your personal growth.

If you would like to register for a 1:1 reading, please be sure to know your exact:

–       birth time

–       birth location


ABOUT MALIA SCOTT:  Since an early age Malia has always been interested in deep connection — through conversation, movement, music,  art, animals, nature and sky.

The mind-body-spirit connection began in her university days while attending UT-Austin when she started to discover different methods of yoga as a way to help her balance and work with anxiety and depression. A wild, curious renegade spirit at heart, yoga brought her balance and discipline at the perfect timing and continues to do so to this day.

After years of studying with various yoga and personal development teachers, she considers life to be the greatest teacher of them all. You can read all the books in the world, take all the workshops and training programs, but life will continue to crack you open in ways that you never expect. The real magic lies in curiosity, self-inquiry and practice. 

Malia is commited to listening and trusting the teacher within and enjoys integrating yoga and personal development studies as well as archetypes, psychology, chakra theory, the elements, astrology (Yogastrology), shamanism, dance and expressive arts.

Over the past 13 years, Malia has developed a passion for yoga, mentoring, teaching, coaching and conscious business, having had the opportunity and previous experience to work in various corporate positions, including account/project management and client relations. 

A synchronistic relationship formed and she co-founded SAY OM YOGA in 2012 in Austin, Texas with her two partners. It was around this same time that Malia experienced two intense life-changing car accidents that began to shift her overall perspective and 
soul’s calling to keep expanding and living a full life.

She has been in a commited partnership for over decade and married since 2007. In addition, she is a devoted bulldog mama to Bubbles and Belle.

El Temazcal at Haramara Retreat

Haramara is now hosting a Traditional Sweatlodge Ceremony every Thursday evening. “El Temazcal”

This ancient medicine involves deep purification, through the respectful use of the sacred elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire, in a journey where we travel into Mother Earth´s womb in a dark, wet and warm environment.  After crossing the stages of the ceremony, we are reborn, to continue our path on this Earth with renewed life.

Stones are heated in Fire, Water is poured on the stones to create steam that will penetrate us at all levels to help us cleanse what we no longer need and to remind us of who we are.  In the Sweatlodge we share prayers and songs to reconnect us to Great Spirit. We become a family in the sacred circle, where we are all equal.

All guests are welcome to participate after they have understood the protocol that this traditional medicine involves.

*Join us on retreat July 12-19, 2014 at Harmara and experience this healing for yourself!

haramarasweatlodge beachsunset