Yes, You Can Succeed As A Yoga Teacher. Here's How. by Silvia Mordini

“We’ve all seen them: Power Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa Teacher, Iyengar teacher, Hot Yoga Teacher, Bootylicious teacher, Hard Teacher, Sexy Teacher, etc. Drop them all. You are way more than any one label. Don’t get caught fitting yourself into a title just to make others feel more comfortable.

What all of these ideas have in common is that they feed into the always famished “Am I good enough?” machine that is your inner critic, always undermining your peace of mind. Listen to your heart. Move through the fear of failure, avoid these common pitfalls and simply do your best.” – Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness Coach

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3 Reasons to try Meditation with a Mala


“These days, my friends may notice that my wrists and neck are covered with multiple strands of mala beads that I’ve discovered on my travels. However, my first mala was a rosary.

I connected to a mala from the moment I first held one. The energy and significance I feel when using a mala for meditation is transformational. The mala holds me accountable and stores my best energy. I liken my mala beads to a comfort blanket — they never fail me and they are always there no matter what.”

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20 Quotes to Get You Fired Up About Gratitude


Experts agree that actively practicing gratitude brings a wealth of mental, physical and social benefits. And all we need to do is consciously be prompted to be grateful.

Gratitude based on a faith that everything that happens or doesn’t happen in your life is for your own best interests.  That we live in a purposeful universe.  Life is always for you; it is never against you.  It is a fact that blessings sometimes come wrapped in fear, pain, and tears.  In choosing to practice unconditional gratitude you are choosing to trust the process, to honor your feelings and to place your faith in an outcome of inevitable grace. — William Holden, Be Happy

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Enjoy Silvia’s inspired new travel article on mindbodygreen! “I recommend travel for my clients, explains Michele Ritterman, a clinical psychologist “Therapy is all about getting out of rigid mental states, leaving the same old, same old behind. Travel stirs the pot. One feels & experiences something different in their body & le viola: The impossible becomes possible.”

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Rebel Spirit Manifesto

For all of you who have traveled with us and are rocking your Rebel Spirit t-shirts here is a link to a great article I wrote for mindbodygreen.

Part of it goes like this:
“Most of all BE DECISIVE! A good place to start is on the mat. That’s right, dedicate yourself to being forthright in your practice on the mat.

Here are four ways you can do this within the next 24-hours:
1. If you’ve been postponing your yoga practice or going on a yoga retreat then stop waiting and get-going today!

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