Costa Rica: What it's like living with Monkey's

One of our favorite things about The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica where our upcoming January 5-11, 2013 is being hosted, are the Howler Monkey’s.

The translation of some of our favorites animals are as follows:

Howler monkey – Mono congo
Spider monkey – Mono araña
White-faced capuchin – Carablanca
Coati – Pizote
Sloth – Perezoso
Squirrel – Ardilla
Kingfisher – Martín pescador
Parrot – Lora
Butterfly – Mariposa
Turtle – Tortuga
Lizard – Lagartija

Favorite Flowers of Costa Rica

We love the flowers and fauna of Costa Rica, considered by many to be modern day Eden. See for yourself. Join us at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers on a 40 acre private estate filled with waterfalls and manicured wilderness January 5-11, 2013!

USA Today Modern Woman Magazine Picks Costa Rica!

What an incredible honor for The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, where we have our January 5-11, 2013 Yoga & Surfing Retreat to be picked by Modern Woman Magazine as a best place for female solo travelers! Congratulations on bringing the Pura Vida way to the world. Safe and sweet for all.

Find details for this upcoming trip here.