Wines of Tuscany

Tuscany is a wine region.  Chianti is produced form the vines that grow in the hills between Florence and Siena. And Chianti is considered to be one of the oldest established wine zones in the world,  dating its origins to the 18th century.  Each town has its own wine, and each home practically has its own.  Think of vino della casa as the individual especialty of a family that is used everyday at its table.  Wine is a part of the tradition of Tuscany, and one cannot go wrong trying any of its varieties.



Basic Italian You Should Know

Fortunately, getting around in Italy with little or no exposure to the Italian language is not very difficult. The Italians are, by nature, outgoing and often appreciate even the slightest attempt at communicating in Italian. Here are some useful words and phrases to help you get started:

English Italian
Yes Si
No No
Please Per Favore
Thank you Grazie
You’re welcome Prego
Excuse me Mi scuzi
I’m sorry Mi dispiace
Good morning Buongiorno
Good evening Buona sera
Good night Buona notte
Goodbye Arrivederci
To the left A la sinistra
To the right A la destra
Straight ahead Sempre dritto
Bicycle Bicicletta
Hotel Albergo
Scooter Moto, Motorini
Goodbye Ciao


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