Mexican Superfoods


Separate from the taco trucks and nachos we all know and love, Mexico is blessed with some amazing, nutrient packed foods that add character to any dish. The simplicity of mexican food let the flavors of these awesome ingredients take center stage. Enjoy this small list of the components in Mexican food that have a positive impact on your health!

Cilantro. Like many herbs, this plant is especially potent, with strong antioxidant qualities. The chemical compounds in cilantro actually bind to the heavy metals, loosening them from the tissues, blood and organs and helping the body eliminate them. Get your daily boost of this super-herb in virtually all Mexican dishes!


Superfood salad with cilantro, onion, and avocado

Amaranth. For hundreds of years Aztecs used this amazing grain for their religious rituals and as a staple in their diets. Amaranth is an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, mineral rich superfood that can even prevent prematurely graying hair!

Amaranth Granola ©HaramaraRetreat

Hot peppers. The spicier the pepper, the higher the antioxidant levels.  Hot peppers also have a similar effect as green tea or caffeine, boosting metabolism and curbing the appetite. Once you adapt to their zesty, explosive taste; these little plants produce happy chemicals like endorphins and were even considered by the Mayans and Aztecs to be an aphrodisiac.


Avocado. Avocado packs an excess of 25 essential nutrients. Its delicious, creamy flavor makes it an easy way to get in your copper, iron, phosporus, magnesium, potassium, and many more. Guacamole all around!


Lime. Scientists have observed that the antioxidant limonoids found in limes cause cancer cell death. Lime limonoids also stay active longer in your bloodstream, mopping more free radicals than green tea or dark chocolate. So enjoy your mojito or corona with lime!

Join us in Baja at Prana Del Mar (November 29-December 6) or at our Xinalani Retreat March 28-April 4 to indulge in these fresh, authentic superfoods in the heart of Mexico!


Gourmet Dining Al Fresco at Xinalani

Xinalani is known by those of us who have spent anytime there as “magic universe.” This extends to the foodie delights that are plated and served every day with such great care. This is elegant dining al fresco at it’s best. And all to the soundtrack of the ocean, with every seat ocean view.

The only more magical experience is on the last evening when the staff at Xinalani create a gourmet feast on the beach where our tastes delight in gorgeous flavors, with the fire of torches lighting our food and our feet in the sand.









Prana del Mar Embrace Your Purpose: Manifestation Yoga Retreat Nov 29 – Dec 6, 2014

Cabo San Lucas 5 Star Luxury Eco-Retreat
Purpose = clarity / transformation / vitality

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Yoga Retreat Themes 2014

Every one of our YogaRetreats has an intentional Theme. It is important to us that you know the feeling vision behind each retreat

*Transform Your Life – Xinalani March 29-April 5
*Embrace Your Purpose, Live Your Bliss – Haramara July 12-19
*Romantic Adventure in Intimacy and Eros – Tuscany (Couples Retreat) June 21-28
*Awaken Your Heart – Amalfi June 29 – July 6
*Art of Adventure – Bali Sept 6-13
*Healing, Harmony & Happiness Yoga Retreat – Bali Sept 13-20
*Journey Through the Senses Yoga Retreat – Prana del Mar Nov 29 – Dec 6

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Xinalani Mexico Embrace Your Purpose: Transform Your Life Yoga Retreat Mar 29 – Apr 5, 2014

Retreat Guided by Jacob Young, Silvia Mordini and Casey Petersen

Purpose = clarity / inspiration / manifestation / transformation / vitality

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Join our 7 night/8 day yoga retreat in paradise designed to help you rediscover your bliss. The experience will be grounded, playful, and fortifying as we refine our intentions for the best year ever! Our journey will include two energizing yoga classes led by Silvia Mordini and Casey Petersen each day, as well as open air accommodations and vibrant local cuisine. There will be ample space for rest, reflection, adventure and community connection. Explore the land and culture through surfing, watersports, jungle hikes, horseback riding, bird/whale watching and much, much more.

Xinalani Retreat Center is an eco-chic spa hotel, with 2 yoga studios (plus an outdoor, sand option!), hidden on a pristine beach surrounded by a luxuriant jungle on the south shore of Banderas Bay, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

If you feel the need to refresh your spirit, reignite your passion for living, and rediscover enthusiasm in your life, then this yoga retreat is what you need. Furthermore, this trip is made even more special as you will have 3 guides and coaches with a combined 30 years experience leading your group adventures! Jacob Young, Casey Petersen and Silvia Mordini are 100% committed to helping you reach your full potential in a friendly, unpretentious, and supportive environment. We want to see you move beyond self-limiting beliefs into the empowerment of manifesting your best life ever!

Our goal is to provide all retreat guests the support to help you prosper. Join us for a renewal of the body, mind and soul! This retreat takes to heart the words of John Wood from the book “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” who writes, “If you are thinking about making some adjustments in your life my heartfelt recommendation is not to spend too much time thinking about it. Just dive in.” TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND DIVE IN TODAY!

New for 2014! All boat transfers are included in the prices below.


Big Palapa (880 Sq feet, 8 single beds, 2 bathrooms):
Single: $1350 – last 2 spots!

Deluxe Rooms (260 Sq Feet, 2 Single or 1 Double Bed, 1 bathroom, desk and chair)
Single: $2200 SOLD-OUT
Double: $1650 SOLD-OUT

Petite Suites (387 Sq Feet, 1 King or 2-3 Double Beds)
Single: $2600 SOLD-OUT
Double: $1800 SOLD-OUT

Eco-Chic Suites (650 Sq feet, either 1 King or 2 Double Beds. Includes morning coffee service & wake up call)
Single: $3100 SOLD-OUT
Double: $2100 SOLD-OUT
Triple: $1750 SOLD-OUT

[notice]SPECIAL: Sign-up now for March 1-28, 2015!!![/notice]




Xinalani Mexico March 29-April 5, 2014

Deposit for one person $500.00 USD
Deposit for two people $1,000.00 USD
Big Palapa (Singles) $1,350.00 USD
Deluxe Room Double $1,650.00 USD
Deluxe Room Single $2,200.00 USD
Petite Suite Triple $1,575.00 USD
Petite Suite Double $1,800.00 USD
Petite Suite Single $2,600.00 USD
Eco Chic Double $2,100.00 USD
Eco Chic Triple $1,750.00 USD

Haramara Mexico Embrace Your Purpose: Live Your Bliss July 12-19, 2014

Purpose = clarity / inspiration / manifestation / transformation / vitality

Guided by Silvia Mordini and Malia Scott

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