YTT | Santa Cruz California: FAQs

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When does the training start? July 1st, 2016

When do I book my flight home? July 21st, 2016

Where does this training take place?
In Santa Cruz, Divinitree West Yoga and Art Studio

How do I know if I’m ready?
If you feel inspired to share what you know about how yoga has changed your life — then that is one indication that you are ready! We will create a dialogue with you to help ask  great questions to hear for yourself what your heart is saying.

What if I don’t want to teach? We offer two tracks of study.

  • Option 1 includes immersion for serious students looking to deepen their practice and knowledge of yoga asana, meditation, philosophy, and spirit but who do not wish to pursue teaching yoga.
  • Option 2 includes above aspects of self-study culminating in formal certification though Yoga Alliance with 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status.

What if I DO want to teach–will this training really prepare me?
We have an 11-year proven track record of giving you the tools, the guidance, and the practical experience to teach with your own authentic voice. We offer you the opportunity to learn how to adapt the practice for every student using an open system of yoga.

I’ve been teaching already for a while and need to be sure that this training is going to cover something above and beyond the trainings I’ve already done. Can you tell me more about the content?
Take a look at our Syllabus page for details. E-mail us and we’ll be happy to go over more detail. About 30% of the students that do our program have already completed another formal teacher training program. These students have said over and over how much deeper our program takes you from Day 1.

Can I take this training if I need lodging?
Yes. Lodging is not included but we have many great recommendations for all budgets. Please see Location and Accommodations Page for options.

If I live in Santa Cruz is this training for me?
Yes. We have priced this 200-hour program for local residents, or those who wish to secure their own lodging.

Where do I fly into when booking my travel?

It is recommended that you arrive at least one day before training begins. It is recommended that you fly into either:

  • San Jose or San Francisco

How much is my investment in this program?

  • Early Bird Savings: $2550
  • Normal Price: $2750


We are proud to offer various price points and payment plans to be more inclusive.

$500 deposit saves your spot in our tribe + 5-month payment plan available with monthly payments of $450.

What Will You Need to Bring?

Books you must bring to the course with you:
The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi
Yoga for Wellness by Gary Kraftsow
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


  • A couple of footwear options (flip flops, trainers/tennis shoes)
  • Alarm clock
  • Any medications or special treatments you may need
  • Bathing Suits (at least 2 so you have one available while the other is drying)
  • Beach towel
  • Belt or strap (6-8 feet long)
  • Camera
  • Casual clothes
  • Chargers for phone, camera, and computer
  • Computer, iPad, or tablet device to use as an e-reader, to access Alchemy of Yoga teacher training manual as PDF, create class plans, and to access Google Drive
  • Cover for laptop or iPad to protect it or in case it is dropped
  • Eye pillow for shavasana (optional)
  • Extra pairs of contacts if you wear them
  • Face towels (2)
  • Favorite DVD (yoga related or just fun or inspirational)
  • Notebook, pens, pencils
  • Oil-free massage lotion (no massage oil please)
  • Small personal token as an offering for our group altar (puja)
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Tampons (it is not uncommon for women to have their period while near the water)
  • Toiletries that are earth-friendly & biodegradable
  • Travel coffee or tea mug
  • Water bottle
  • White clothing to wear during graduation (satsang)
  • Yoga mat, if you prefer to use your own. DiviniTree provides yoga mats and props
  • Yoga practice clothes (see recommendations below)


  • Surfing: Rash guard shirts, board shorts, and any other clothing in which you will feel comfortable.


  • All white clothing for Graduation Satsang (skirts, pants, dress shirt, dresses)


  • Please bring your favorite yoga outfit and a casual non-yoga outfit


  • Please bring a green top or t-shirt – we will take a group photo in which we wear green on top and black on the bottom.


  • Yoga clothes that are comfortable and easy to mix with other pieces. (*No need to over-do it, we don’t mind if we see you in the same outfit.)
  • Loose-fitting and flowy pieces + easy layers that you can put on for breakfast & lunch.
  • If possible, please try to bring 2-3 of the Chakra colors so that you can align with that chakra on its specified day.
    • 1st Chakra: Red
    • 2nd Chakra: Orange
    • 3rd Chakra: Yellow
    • 4th Chakra: Green
    • 5th Chakra: Turquoise
    • 6th Chakra: Indigo
    • 7th Chakra: Violet or White