Prana del Mar: Where We Stay

5 Star Eco Hotels of the World

Let us not forget Prana del Mar has exemplary eco credentials. The resort solar panels as its sole source of power and all waste water is treated on site and then used to irrigate the garden, itself organic. And if you purchase carbon offsets for your flight the resort will credit you that amount towards a spa treatment, surf lesson or excursion. Prana del Mar has been awarded 5 stars by Eco Hotels of The World.


Beyond the guest accommodations, the center features a central community building with full restaurant, swimming pool, hot tub, spa treatment rooms, lounges, a rooftop deck, and a meditation room. They offer a variety of spa services – including massage, body wraps and scrubs, and more. There is also a large, airy 1,850 square foot yoga studio that overlooks the ocean, five acres of desert gardens, a stone labyrinth for walking introspection, and a nearly-empty, golden-sand beach where you can walk for miles at the front of the property.

All of the above remain in harmony with the natural environment due to Prana del Mar’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Not only is all electricity solar-powered, the vegetable and herb garden is organic, the pool is solar-heated, wastewater is treated on site and reused for the xeriscaped gardens, sheets and bath towels are all organic, and more.




Combine all of this with delicious cuisine featuring an international menu that incorporates contemporary and traditional Mexican influences and a loving staff, and you have an inviting place to deepen your yoga practice where you can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included in your package, with snacks available throughout the day. Most meals will be vegetarian, with fresh fish and seafood served occasionally throughout the week.


Check out 3 studios, pool, sauna, hot tub, private 19 acres of walking beach and more! There is always plenty of space to find alone time as well as to come together and socialize. You choose.