Prana del mar: FAQs


Where do I fly into?
You will fly into Cabo, airport code SJD and upon your arrival we arrange shuttles to pick you up and escort you to the resort. People arrive at all different times throughout the day and we do our best to coordinate around your arrival times.

When does the retreat end?
Our time together will end with Brunch at 11am on the last day of the trip. Airport transfers will be scheduled at noon to have you back at the Airport by 2pm.

When should I plan my return flight?
Please arrange flight departures for late afternoon.

What airlines should I use?
We recommend the following websites to book flights to San Jose ~ airport code SJD
*West Jet

Do I need a passport?
Yes a passport is required.

Can you tell me more about the yoga studios?
SUN STUDIO: At 1850 square feet, there is plenty of space to comfortably fit 40 students or more. We’ve been told it could reasonably hold 60 to 70, but it sounds like that would have to be a rather friendly group. The floor is a warm, golden, strand-woven bamboo and the thatched palapa roof overhead is a marvel of Mexican craftsmanship. All props are provided – including Manduka black mats, both bamboo and alder blocks, blankets, bolsters

How many studios are there?:
There are 3 studios: Sun studio, Moon studio, and Meditation studio.

Can I use the meditation studio anytime?:
Yes, it is open for you all day and night.

What kind of food will be provided?
Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included in your package, with snacks available throughout the day. Most meals will be vegetarian, with fresh fish and seafood served occasionally throughout the week.

What do rooms look like?
Guestroom_DownstairsPictures do the best job of explaining how luxury the rooms are. All rooms and suites have>polished travertine floors and worktops, custom teak furniture, pillow-top beds, luxury organic linens, daily maid service and organic bathroom products. They also feature large terraces and balconies with ocean views. The two-room suites even feature complete stainless steel/granite kitchens and spacious living room areas.

What airport should I fly into?
Please fly into San Jose del Cabo International Airport (SJD). Transfers will be arranged from the airport only. Please schedule your flights to arrive no later than 4.45pm on the first retreat day and leave no earlier than 11am on the last. Same day transfers cannot be guaranteed outside of these parameters.

How far away from the airport is Prana del Mar?
Prana del Mar is situated in it’s own private oasis, it will take approximately 45min to get to the resort from the airport.

How do I get to Prana?
This is a full service retreat! All yogis will be picked up from the airport and transported in a private van to Prana del Mar.

Can I bring my own soaps/shampoos if they are labeled eco-friendly?
Prana supplies high end soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Due to their eco-friendly water treatment process, they do ask that you use their products.

How about hair dryers?
Hair dryers can be left at home. Prana’s solar power is better used heating the pool, jacuzzi and sauna!

Does Prana have WiFi?
Absolutely. Prana has a dedicated computer room where you can either set up your own laptop or use their guest computer. The wifi does not reach the guest rooms however, so be prepared to work in the computer room, the library or by the pool.

Community_Pool_WetdeckIs there swimming at Prana?
Naturally! Prana has a gorgeous stylized pool at the ready. The beach is beautiful and full of sand for walking, exploring and getting your feet wet. However, there is a very strong current and ocean swimming is not recommended.

Is there surfing at Prana?
Yes. Expert surfers can try the break just down from Prana and beginning and intermediate surfers can enjoy a surf/swim excursion into Todos Santos. Lessons are also available.

Can I add fish or meat to my meals and can Prana comply with my dietary restrictions/needs?
Yes to all. Prana provides a delicious and healthy vegetarian cuisine, but fish or chicken can be added to meals upon request. Plus, any dietary need or restriction can be accommodated provided that you notify us at least two weeks in advance.

Do I need to book and/or pay for any optional activities before I arrive?
Nope, you can book them before you arrive or while on property.

Do I need cash at Prana?
Prana does not run tabs for services so you will need some cash. US dollars are readily accepted and the town of Todos Santos is near by if you run out (the massages are addictive).

What is Prana del Mar Green Commitment?
At Prana del Mar, stewardship for our environment is a primary concern. Taking care to tread as lightly as possible is a priority and – to that end – we have made significant strides to reduce our impact on the planet. For example:

*All of our electricity comes from solar panels installed throughout the property
*Our pool is solar heated
*The floors of our yoga studios are strand-woven bamboo
*All of our waste water is treated on-site and reused to irrigate the gardens
*We included skylights in our design to increase natural lighting
*All light fixtures and appliances were chosen with energy efficiency in mind
*Organic sheets, bath towels, and bath mats
*Rather than washing linens and towels every day, we allow guests the option to reuse linens to reduce water usage
*We use cloth hand towels and napkins instead of paper
*Our garden is organic – no pesticides or herbicides
*We compost excess food and organic materials and use them as fertilizer
*Aerated showerheads for great water pressure at low flow rates & low-flow toilets
*We provide organic personal care products – shampoo, conditioner, cleaners, and lotions – all purchased in bulk and supplied in dispensers to reduce single-use containers
*We utilize green cleaning products
*We recycle wherever possible and use primarily rechargeable batteries
*We offer purified drinking water and give every guest a refillable bottle to reduce wasting single-use plastic bottles
*The servers that host our website are 100% powered by wind energy
*If you purchase carbon offsets for your plane flight, we’ll credit you that amount toward any massage, spa service, surf lesson, or other excursion