YTT | Mayacamas: FAQs

When does the training start? December 6th

When do I book my flight home? December 15th

Is there more than one teacher? Yes, both Silvia Mordini and Laura Hand will be leading this training.

Mayacama-Golf-Club-Wedding-Sonoma-CA-9.1409939203How do I know if I’m ready? If you feel inspired to share what you know about how yoga has changed your life then that is one indication that you are ready. We will talk to you and help ask you great questions to help you know for yourself what your heart is saying.

What if I don’t want to teach? We offer two tracks of study. 1 is for those interested in going deeper into their own self-study with no intention to teach. The other for those that are looking to use this self-study combined with formal certification to teach publicly.

What if I DO want to teach–will this training really prepare me?
We have a 10 year proven track record of giving you the tools, the guidance and the practical experience to teach with your own authentic voice. We offer you the opportunity to learn how to adapt the practice for every student using an open system of yoga.

I’ve been teaching already for a while and need to be sure that this training is going to cover something above and beyond the trainings I’ve already done. Can you tell me more about the content? Take a look at our Syllabus page for details. And email us and we’ll be happy to go over more detail. About 30% of the students that do our program have already completed another formal teacher training program. They have said over and over how much deeper our program takes you from day 1.

This is module 1, when do should I do module 2 to complete my 200 hours? For everyone, it’s different, however we recommend that you take no more than a year to complete both modules. You have plenty of options all over the world domestic and international to do so.

Module 2 available in 2016: April/May Hawaii; July 30-Aug 20 Costa Rica, Oct California

What is in Module 1?

Alchemy of Yoga Program


Initiation into Truth (Satya)
The Four Agreements
Alchemy of Yoga: How to Live an INSPIRED Life
Alchemy as a Map of Transformation
Tapping into Your Potential and Living in Possibility
How does Alchemy of Yoga Work?
Why does Alchemy of Yoga Work?

EARTH: Manifestation 

Alchemy of EARTH Element
Nature Mandalas
Freedom from Fear
Shadow Work
Ethical Guidelines, Your Kula – Your Way
Greatness and Living Honorably Like a Hero & Heroine
Power of Manifestation
Applying the Philosophy of Yoga to Life
Mentoring: One on One Life Coaching

WATER: Creation

Alchemy of the Water Element
Water Ritual
Body Love
What is Yoga? Spiritual Happiness
Svadhyaya of Possibility
Intention as Your Mission Statement
Dharma as Your Vision Statement
Vision Boards & Dream Journaling
The 5 Koshas
Energetic Anatomy
Psychology of Yoga: The Chakra System

FIRE: Ignition (Tapas)

Alchemy of the Fire Element
Introduction to Movement
· General Principles of Poses
· Intrinsic and Extrinsic Movement
· Bandpass
· Somatics
· The Neuroscience of Yoga
Sun Salutations: Surya Namaskar A, B, C
Moon Salutations & Mandala Namaskars, Dancing Warriors
Asana Alchemy: 60 Fundamental Poses
Standing Poses:
· Anatomy & Physiology: Feet, Ankles, Legs, Pelvic Floor
· Chakra Focus: 1st
· Techniques + Poses
· Benefits & Purpose
Forward Folds + Seated Poses
· Anatomy & Physiology: Hips + Legs, Integration
· Chakra Focus: 1st + 2nd
· Techniques + Poses
· Benefits and Purpose
Hips + Twists
· Anatomy & Physiology: Abdomen, Hips
· Chakra Focus: 2nd + 3rd
· Techniques + Poses
· Benefits & Purpose
Shoulder Openers/Backbends:
· Anatomy & Physiology: Head, Neck, Shoulders, Front + Back Body
· Chakra Focus: 4th + 5th
· Techniques + Poses
· Benefits & Purpose
Core Cultivation/Inversions/Arm Balances
· Anatomy & Physiology: Abdomen, Arms, Integration
· Chakra Focus: 3rd, 6th, 7th
· Techniques + Poses
· Benefits & Purpose
Anatomy – Physical Alchemy
· Muscles and Bones
· Special Health Conditions
Anatomy – Mental Alchemy
· Stress Response and Relaxation
· Restorative Poses, Therapeutics, Gentle Yoga
· Kids Yoga

AIR: Edification (Svadhyaya)

Yoga History: Lineages
Alchemy of The Yoga Sutras from Pantajali
· Alchemy of Yamas
· Alchemy of Niyamas
· Alchemy of Balance
· Alchemy of Happiness
Breathing (Pranayama) Techniques & Guidelines
Prana Vayus
Meditation Techniques & Guidelines
Ayurveda Philosophy and Concepts
· Daily Routines (Dinacharya)
· Lifestyle Guidelines for Balanced Living
· Dosha Summaries
· Guidelines for balancing the Doshas
· Yoga of Eating: Ayurvedic Diet and Food Plans