YTT | Hawaii: FAQs

When does the training start? May 1st, 2016

When do I book my flight home? May 21st, 2016

Which airport to I fly into? Fly into Hilo International Airport. Several flights are offered daily with Hawaiian Airlines (1-800-367-5320) and go! Airlines (1-888-IFLYGO2).

Where is Kalani in relation to Hilo International Airport? Kalani is only a 45-minute drive from the Hilo Airport.

Is there more than one teacher? Yes, both Silvia Mordini and Laura Hand will be leading this training.

How do I know if I’m ready to pursue teacher training? If you feel inspired to share what you know about how yoga has changed your life then that is one indication that you are ready. We will talk to you and help ask you great questions to help you know for yourself what your heart is saying.

What if I don’t want to teach? We offer two tracks of study.

  • Option 1 includes immersion for serious students looking to deepen their practice and knowledge of yoga asana, meditation, philosophy, and spirit who do not wish to teach yoga.
  • Option 2 includes above aspects of self-study culminating in formal certification though Yoga Alliance with 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status.

What if I DO want to teach–will this training really prepare me?
HawaiiWe have a 10 year proven track record of giving you the tools, the guidance and the practical experience to teach with your own authentic voice. We offer you the opportunity to learn how to adapt the practice for every student using an open system of yoga.

I’ve been teaching already for a while and need to be sure that this training is going to cover something above and beyond the trainings I’ve already done. Can you tell me more about the content? Take a look at our Syllabus page for details. E-mail us and we’ll be happy to go over more detail. About 30% of the students that do our program have already completed another formal teacher training program. These students have said over and over how much deeper our program takes you from Day 1.

I have already completed Module 1. What do I need to do to complete my 200 hours? If you have already completed Module 1, you only need to come for the second half of the Hawaii or Costa Rica teacher training programs, as well as one additional U.S. offering.