YTT | Hawaii: Accommodations

For Hawaii 200-Hour Teacher Training Program May 1 – 21, 2016


  • Keep your spirit high
  • Awaken to new ways of living
  • Let yourself relax and rejuvenate
  • Attune with creative energy
  • Nurture your body and soul
  • Indulge in natural splendor


Kalani enjoys Hawaii’s ideal climate: light ocean breezes, sunny days, pleasant year-round temperatures (65-85°F) and occasional tropical showers.


Kalani is a community that celebrates life in ways that embrace a natural lifestyle. We live in harmony with the jungle environment, which means you will probably encounter harmless creatures such as spiders, geckos and mongoose. There are mosquitoes here, so we recommend that you bring a repellent spray.


Batteries, battery operated alarm clock, beach towel, bug spray, camera, flashlight or headlamp, flip-flops, hat, headphones, laptop or tablet device, lightweight raincoat, long sleeve shirts and pants for evenings, refillable water bottle, shorts, skirts/dresses/sarongs, sneakers or hiking shoes, spending money for excursions (no ATM on-site), sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, sweatshirt for cooler evenings, swim suits, t-shirts, tank tops, toiletries, yoga mat and props if you prefer to use your own (Kalani provides yoga mats and props in the classrooms). *Please bring sandals with ankle straps that can be worn in the water if you will be participating in excursions and adventures.


Accommodations are simple and comfortable, with no televisions or phones.

Phone lines are available in both reception areas outside Hale Aloha and inside the Guest Services building (8:00 am – 8:00 pm.)

Kalani is out of range for most cell phone networks, however there is some limited reception on the property. Guests with AT&T as their service provider seem best able to get a decent signal.

You can check your e-mail on a Kalani PC for an hourly fee (inquire at reception). If you have a laptop, you may use wired Ethernet lines (RJ-45 jack) available in the lounge. If you have a laptop with a wireless card, service is available in several places on property, including Hale Aloha. Usage is free, but please be aware that wireless access is limited in the jungle environment. Large downloads are strongly discouraged (no hogging the network!). Dial-up service is not available.


As guests at Kalani we will be summoned by the call of the conch to dine on our open-air lanai (veranda). At this central gathering place, we will experience the daily rhythms of assembly and departure reminiscent of ancient village life.

Kalani cuisine encompasses a variety of styles including Thai, Indian, and Italian. Our chefs have extensive training and a common interest in creating healthful and delicious meals. The Chefs celebrate the abundance of Hawaii by serving local tropical fruits and vegetables and fresh caught fish. Seafood is often served at dinner (chicken and beef are served occasionally), and vegetarians are well cared for.

Most importantly, our chefs firmly believe that the care and love invested in the cuisine is transmitted to the diner, and everything is prepared with aloha.


Scrambled eggs
Oatmeal or other whole-grain hot cereal
Fresh fruit bar featuring papaya, pineapples, berries, and mangoes (as available)
Yogurt, nut and seed selection
Cereal selection featuring house-made granola
Breads, various nut butters, and organic fruit jams

Roasted eggplant sandwiches with fresh tapenade, on olive bread
Turkey, avocado and swiss sandwiches with lettuce, tomato and spicy aioli on focaccia
White bean chili
Seafood chowder
Wakame salad
Self-serve salad bar with local organic greens

Grilled balsamic-marinated ahi with smoked tomato & dill viniagrette
Mushroom-stuffed tofu with pineapple teriyaki sauce
Smashed potato & parsnips
Green beans with roasted red peppers
Jicama & sweet potato salad
Fresh fruit salad
Fresh salad bar with house-made dressings
Fresh Hawaiian mango & macadamia nut crisp