Costa Rica: What to Pack

What Will You Need to Bring?

  • Passport. Before you go please make a copy of your passport which you will need to carry with you when leaving the center.
  • Mat (if you prefer to use your own, they also have them at Blue Spirit)
  • Notebook
  • Any special medications/treatments you may need.
  • Casual clothes
  • White clothing (to wear during evening satsang)
  • Yoga practice clothes
  • A couple of footwear options (water shoes and flip flops, no heavy hikers)
  • Bathing Suits (at least 2)crday3beachyoga
  • Beach towel
  • Headlamp **very important**
  • Camera
  • Chargers for phone, camera, and computer
  • Water bottle
  • Travel coffee/tea mug
  • Lightweight backpack (for hiking)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Natural bug repellant
  • Toiletries that are earth friendly biodegradable
  • Tampons (when by the water most women always get their period at some point)
  • An extra couple pairs of contacts if you wear them
  • Alarm clock
  • Extra: If you are planning to do other stuff like horse back riding or surfing

If RIDING horses be sure to bring jeans or long, stronger pants if you’re not used to riding. If you normally ride then wear what you feel best in.

If SURFING please bring rash guard shirts, board shorts or something you’ll feel comfortable moving in.

If mountain BIKING in your free time bring clothes for that

Yoga Clothes:

  • Yoga clothes that are comfortable and easily mixable with other pieces. (but no need to overdo it, we don’t mind if we see you in the same outfit over and over.)
  • sharingcircle crAvoid bringing heavy material pants or tops. Include looser fitting flowy pieces as well and easy layers you can put on for breakfast/lunch.
  • Consider bringing shorts
  • Make sure to have more than just tight fitting black stretchy pants
  • You will find living in Costa Rica breathable fabrics are best. The ease of the Pura Vida lifestyle becomes the way you want to practice your yoga too.
  • We will be aligned with the Chakras. Maybe not for all 7 but at least try to bring 2-3 of the colors so you can wear that color the day we review that chakra. (Red 1st, Orange 2nd, Yellow 3rd, Green 4th, Turqouise 5th, Indigo 6th, Violet 7th)

To Consider: Bring 2-4 things that you know you can leave there and give away to the locals.

What NOT to pack for Costa Rica:

  • Fancy clothes
  • Lots of shoes: The only shoes you will need in Costa Rica are flip flops and a good pair of walking/water shoes if you want to do any hiking. Do not bring high heels.
  • Expensive Jewelry
  • Overdoing technology (try to limit how many I devices you really need)