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Recently named the Happiest country in the world! This is a land of Pura Vida where Ecological Integrity really matters. Costa Rica is like a theme park of biodiversity—the highest on the planet to be exact containing 6% of the world’s plant and animal species—each area of the country has a unique feel, flavor and local culture that makes journeying throughout the Central American paradise exciting and fresh no matter where you decide to go. And Costa Rica has it all—from lush cloud forests to impenetrable jungle, to white, black and pink sand beaches nestled against inviting crystalline waters, overflowing mineral hot springs, mystical, active volcanoes, howler monkeys, rainbow-colored parrots, wild jaguars, giant iguanas, insects and more varieties of exotic, mouthwatering fruits than possibly anywhere else on the planet. The spirit of Pura Vida means they welcome you as if you were family.


green-resortBeautiful Costa Rica has been one of the world’s top 10 yoga destinations throughout the past years. We have chosen Nosara, which in accordance to Lonely Planet is “a cocktail of international surf culture, stunning back-road topography, jungled microclimates, and yoga bliss,” as the location for our Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort. We are 0.5 km away from the Nosara Wildlife Sanctuary at Sibu, 3.2 km from Nosara Adventure Tours, as well as we are 4.6 km away from a safari surf school. Our resort offers you a lot more than yoga, it is the place where you can celebrate nature like you never did before, the place where you can read, meditate and simply relax.

For your stay at Bodhi Tree we have designed rooms and facilities; from 26 Bali style rooms, Spa, Juice Bar to an open space restaurant offering you a variety of healthy, organic and fresh food, that meet all your needs and making it our job that you worry about nothing but embracing the beautiful surrounding.

Luxury Lodging


Nosara is located in the beautiful province of Guanacaste in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Nicoya is considered one of the Blue Zones areas where cultures have evolved to prolong the longevity of human life. Life expectancies of Nicoya residents easily surpass 100 years of age with a population far older than the rest of the country.

In the last 10 years Nosara has grown quietly into one of the hip holistic hot-spots on the planet. This peaceful and vibrant international community of nature lovers, surfers, yogis, and families truly embraces the Pura Vida lifestyle.

turtlesThe community resides along the coast with 3 unspoiled stunning beaches – Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada, and Playa Nosara – with private houses, little hotels, and excellent restaurants hidden into lush tropical greenery.

Despite having one of the last locations with unpaved roads in the country, Nosara’s wonderful lack of development directly on the beach makes it special. Known as one of the most sophisticated beach towns in Costa Rica, this small but special town has a lot to offer. Travelers from all over the world enjoy the pristine beaches that surround it. This area has a huge passion for the protection of the national parks system which makes the place unique for its hundreds of acres of protected forest.

The residents of Nosara are committed to preserve their natural environment. The 3 beaches are protected as a turtle refuge, and almost half of the land in the entire area is protected forest, and a moratorium on hunting animals stretches back for over 20 years.

The community is exceptional and united. The local citizens work really hard keeping the beaches clean. There is also a big drive for ecotourism, sustainability and recycling like no other town in the country. This sets the perfect example of a planned developed community. The natural beauty, way of life and vibe became a dream come true for hundreds of families that chose to live a tranquil and relaxed life. Parents have the opportunity to immerse their children in a more organic way of living in nature. Showing respect and loving nature becomes one of the most important parts of life. Being woken up by monkeys; eating healthy and real food, playing outside, enjoying wonderful bilingual private school options and learning to respect different cultures, the children grow up with a real sense of life.

The actual village and original settlement of Nosara is 4 miles inland, alongside the Rio Nosara. It’s a a small traditional Costa Rican town with grocery stores, typical restaurants, churches, a disco, a soccer field, and the landing strip for daily flights to and from San Jose.

Yoga & Surfing culture is huge and a significant component of this town. You will see that people are either carrying a surf board or a yoga mat in their arms. Nosara has been called one of the world’s 20 best surf towns. With a diversity of waves in the area, it invites world-class surfers, novice and intermediate surfers to enjoy the magical and consistent waves year round. There are a variety of fitness options all over town. If you are not a surfer or a yogi, you don’t have to worry! There are plenty of adventure activities around like ATV tours, Zip Lining, Horseback Riding, Stand Up Paddling, Kayak and much more.

Living Within a Blue Zone

Blue Zone is a concept used to identify a geographic area of the world where more people live to be centenarians (past 100 years) than elsewhere, as described in Dan Buettner’s book, “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from People who Lived the Longest.” He identifies longevity hotspots in Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; Loma Linda, California: and Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica – where Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is located. Scientists and demographers have classified these longevity hot-spots as having common healthy traits and life practices that result in higher-than-normal longevity.

In 2005 Costa Rican demographer Dr. Luis Rosero-Bixby revealed that Costa Ricans who survive to the age of 60 “have the longest life expectancy of anyone in the world”. National Geographic funded an expedition, which confirmed Rosero-Bixby’s findings and discovered further that in the specific region of Nicoya, in the northwestern part of Costa Rica, residents were longer-lived even than other Costa Ricans, making it the “Blue Zone” of the Americas.

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