Client Testimonials


“Wow! I booked this Bali yoga retreat & cultural tour as a last minute
escape with hardly ANY planning of my own. I never expected to have
such an amazing, amazing time!”

They really planned an incredible trip. I really lucked out as they not only supplied me with a wonderful yoga group and practice for the week but each day was chock full of things to participate in if I so wished. They gave us access to the REAL DEAL Bali by incorporating biking, tours, decadent meals, transport, so many activities, beach time, talks, etc….They have great taste and are very down to earth. They think of everything and are really there to answer questions and provide great resource to things you want to explore. Silvia is such a loving and inspiring yoga instructor. These guys are DEFINITELY doing what they were meant to do in life. Great people, great trip. I look forward to doing another trip with them soon!!”
-Anna M. Bali 2014

I’ve been on two retreats with Alchemy Tours – one in Bali and one in Mexico, and Ibotanical holding hands
loved them both (in fact, we are currently planning to rope our friends into joining us for another!). The two experiences were entirely different to one
another, but both contained a wonderful balance of excellent yoga, guided introspection and great fun. Silvia’s the most talented yoga instructor I know, with the added depth of having a background in professional training and development and a natural affinity for study. These talents enable her to deliver elegantly constructed retreats where her yoga classes, self study exercises and fun activities are all weaved together over the week to complement the retreat theme. You will be amazingly nourished by a week which will no doubt include incredible food, exploration of the place you’re in, development of your yoga practice, new activities, personal insights and lots and lots of laughter. I can’t recommend joining them highly enough.
-Laura Mexico 2013 and Bali 2014

“you will be amazingly nourished by a
week which will no doubt include
incredible food, exploration of the place
you’re in, development of your yoga
practice, new activities, personal insights
and lots and lots of laughter.”

I attended Alchemy Tours’ yoga retreat in Bali, and I can honestly say it was the most fulfilling travel experience I’ve ever had. It was hard to come back to reality, and not just in the typical “I’ve taken much needed time off to relax and it’s hard to get back in my routine” sort of way… But more, going on this trip made me understand that there was a much greater disparity between the potential for happiness in my life and what I considered to be my “normal” state than I had realized – and that they were further apart than they ever should be. To me, the experience with Alchemy Tours can be divided into two categories: vacation and personal reflection. As a vacation, it was amazing. White water rafting through a jungle ravine, a relaxing bike tour through Balinese rice patties, beaches, exposure to local culture, great restaurants and a gorgeous place to stay that our group had all to ourselves. It was just organized enough to feel active without feeling too busy. Previously, I wouldn’t have asked for more than that in a trip, and it was awesome in that way. But the part that really surprised me was the way Silvia’s constant positivity, enthusiasm and no-pressure encouragement would really make me reflect on the person I am, and I began to conceptualize the things I could change to improve my life as a whole.
-Michael N. Bali 2014

“It’s been over a month since the trip, and a
day has yet to go by in which I haven’t
thought about my personal learnings from
this experience, and I can’t say enough to
recommend a trip with Alchemy Tours.”


“I had the best vacation ever with Alchemy Tours this Spring. I wanted to do a yoga retreat with equal parts relaxing, yoga and exploring and it was just that.”
The resort was gorgeous, not your typical overrun Mexico tourist spot but a beautiful, simple, chic bungalow style resort in the jungle and with its own beach. I was skeptical going on vacation with a bunch of strangers but everyone was lovely and I came back refreshed and happy, as evidenced by my yelp profile pic nuzzling a Mexican beach puppy.

Silvia is an inspiring teacher and really helped me to look at what I wanted out of the trip and myself when it ended. Normally my yoga classes are short and intense but this was a wonderful change of pace. I approach most things cynically including yoga talks and journaling but they yoga’d the cynic out of me and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Oh and it was an amazing price. And I’m going again next year, the ultimate vote of confidence.”
Elisabeth G Mexico 2014

My husband and I went on a yoga retreat to Xinalani with Alchemy Tours. This was our first Yoga
retreat so we weren’t sure what to expect. Vacation for us means getting outside, being active,
eating delicious food and perhaps a few cocktails. This trip provided all of the above and more.
Alchemy Tours provided us with a ton of information and helped us set up a scuba diving and surfing excursion. They also arranged for the group to give back to the community we were staying in, which was very inspiring. There was a planned group activity every day which was included and optional. Everything was optional without judgement, even the yoga classes.
Classes were taught every morning and evening, with a few workshop optionsIMG_2757
throughout the week. Yoga classes were some of the best we have ever
taken. There was a great variety that incorporated fun, music and
mindfulness in a way that is rare to find. Every meal was fantastic, fresh and
delicious! Every morning I woke up looking forward to that days fresh squeezed juice (and of course coffee). We do not have any dietary restrictions, but many on the trip did, the chef was masterful in handling all of the gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, pescetarian, and vegan request. We will absolutely travel with Alchemy tours again and recommend them to everyone we know.”
Dawn H. Xinalani Mexico 2014

“I just attended the Live Your Bliss retreat at Haramara Retreat Center in Sayulita, Mexico. I’ve been a lot of places and participated in many different trip styles, and this has been one of my favorites by far.”

Every activity during the week was carefully planned and extremely purposeful, however, there was no feeling of pressure to do things that were not of interest to you. The yoga was great. As beginner yogi I felt welcomed and confident even though advanced yogis seemed to be enjoying the classes and flows as much as I did. The yoga also varied daily. It was always interesting and I was consistently benefiting in various ways from the classes.

Best of all, Silvia and Malia assisted in so much besides just yoga. There were chakra talks, happiness coachings, astrology readings, dancing, meditating, photo shoots, game playing and scavenger hunts. The days I spent in Mexico flew by faster and more enjoyably than I could
have ever anticipated.

Whether you are a hard-core yogi and spiritualist, or someone just looking to get away from the stresses of life I would recommend you to Alchemy Tours. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I will definitely be booking with them again!!”
-Maddie L. Haramara Mexico 2014

I took a trip with Silvia and Alchemy tours in 2012, it was absolutely life changing,
botanical jumpingbeautiful, easy and fun. They are friendly, fun positive energy, and have thought of all the details to create a trip that is both easy,
enjoyable and potent. Each person on the
trip was amazing, and the activities and
nurturing environment of the resort they chose worked beautifully to create new friendships and a great group dynamic.
Expect a great time, great insights and to return home refreshed and with a happier outlook on life with wider possibilities! I really can see the whole course of my life shifted with this trip, and it is completely wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend a trip with Alchemy Tours!
Megan K. 2012

Silvia is the heart and soul of Alchemy Tours, they infuse their trips with tremendous depth and lighthearted joy.

I had so much fun exploring a part of Mexico with them. Their shared love of travel
combined with their warmth, humor and creative spirits make Alchemy Tours an amazing group to travel with! I will take many more trips with Alchemy Tours! They absolutely rock!
Shana D. 2012


Great yoga, mountain biking, and hiking. Excellent accommodations and food. Wonderful
group of people who were interesting, friendly, low maintenance, and open to adventure.
Perfect balance between challenge and relaxation (wise foresight to bring good beer and not that watered down Utah stuff). This was also a very well organized trip and our guides deserve tremendous credit for leading us on some internal exploration as well as an external journey through stunningly beautiful landscapes. Alchemy Tours: Your expertise is obvious, but your enthusiasm for life is contagious and that is what made this trip really special. Thanks!
Rich, Moab 2010


I embarked on the trip of a lifetime with Alchemy Tours to Costa Rica in January 2013. They
have the BEST taste in accommodations and always visit the properties prior to bringing guests to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. They put extra focus on fine (healthy) dining and offer a multitude of activities to match anyone’s needs/desires. Oh and I shouldn’t fail to mention that Silvia is likely the BEST yoga instructor you will ever have the opportunity to practice with so that in and of itself is enough reason to make the trek wherever she’s headed. Just expect fun, new friends, beautiful surroundings, and a blissful exploration of self and the world that FAR exceeds whatever you expected!
-Jonna H. Costa Rica 2013


“I wanted to be sure to tell you I had an absolutely marvelous time. You did an
excellent job planning and executing a wonderful experience for us all.”

You are one of the best and most inspiring yoga teachers that I have met and practiced with, and I have done workshops and retreats with many very good ones, some quite ‘famous’! I regret that I can’t practice with you at your studio on a regular basis. You have such a gift for teaching and such of depth of knowledge and training, in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. And you clearly embody all that you teach, I admire your sense of peace, calm, and thoughtfulness – you are beautiful inside and out – I want to bring more of these attributes into my life. It was a wonderful group of people, and a big part of the fun. I just loved the country and the Italian people, Ebbio was such a magical place, right in the middle of a magical region. I love these types of vacations, it reinforced my preference to limit all the museums and cathedrals, etc.
– they are good in small doses, but I would much rather explore the culture of an area by doing the types of things we did. I definitely want to go on another trip with you, perhaps an upcoming trip to Moab, and wish you the best with Alchemy Tours and all your business activities. Thank you again for a wonderful experience and I look forward to future trips.
Karen, Tuscany 2010

DSCF8018Where to begin? There are a few aspects that I would like to touch upon, first, the tour guides –
Silvia is wonderful. I’m not sure if you are totally new to her, but I believe you and your wife will really enjoy them. Silvia has been an inspiration in my life for about 6 years now and I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon her studio back then. She is an insightful and loving teacher who has lifted me up more times that I could ever keep track of.  The farm house – we stayed at Ebbio, was awesome. It was very charming and beautiful. The atmosphere is so relaxing and comfortable. Our host Franz was also very entertaining and charming.

Tuscany, Sienna and surrounding areas – all of the day trips that we did were wonderful.
There are so many interesting and amazingly beautiful places. The culture is so enjoyable as well. Everything was amazing, so depending upon your tastes and desires you may wish to add on a few days if possible and see more as well.

Lastly, but definitely not least, the yoga two times a day was a wonderful way to begin and end each day. If only I could manage to do that at home! Someday…
Kimberly, Tuscany 2010

What aspect of your life transformed the most (physical, mental, emotional)? 
Before the trip, I was a bit run down from work life. While attending the retreat and afterwards, I became so much more aware of what I needed in order to deal with the mental and emotional stresses of work and gained a new level of respect for what laughter can do to enlighten my life and the lives of others. – Jessica

How did our Tuscany Yoga Retreat help you make positive changes in your life? I went to Tuscany by myself to explore everything that the Yoga Retreat through Alchemy Tours could and would offer. I discovered that I could travel alone, make great friends of all ages and backgrounds and could be my complete self. Silvia is more than a friend, she is my inspiration to follow a life I love and make no excuses. – Laurie

What aspect of your life transformed the most (physical, mental, emotional)? 
Physically, mentally and emotionally I felt transformed. The physical components were great, as was the extremely healthy diet, and although I ate like I was on vacation, I came back feeling healthier and few pounds lighter from all of the yoga. Mentally, I was in a state of bliss from the amazing surroundings, stress free environment, and wonderful people I was able to share the experience with. Emotionally, I felt like I gained a greater understanding about what is really important and a greater sense of my life’s purpose. – Laura

What aspect of your life transformed the most on the Tuscany Yoga Retreat (physical, mental, emotional)? For me, the biggest changes were mental changes. Waking up early to attend a morning yoga class, taking walks and choosing to participate in activities that were offered were all choices I made based on what I wanted to do. Doing yoga with Silvia is more like a life walk. She takes you through the beginning, building up your confidence, letting you shine in the peak poses and lets you feel okay with relaxing at the end. – Sarah

One of the best choices I ever made was going to Tuscany with Silvia. Not only is this part of Italy gorgeous, I learned so much about myself… not to mention the amazing food and yoga everyday. I highly suggest you go. It will be a trip you never forget! – John

I travel quite a bit, so I tend to have high expectations. I can honestly say this trip was beyond my expectations! I’m not sure how anyone couldn’t enjoy staying in Tuscany, touring Tuscan cities, village and vineyards, wine tasting, eating amazing food, shopping, yoga and swimming in the Mediterranean! – Amber

This was also a very well organized trip and our guides deserve tremendous credit for leading us on some internal exploration as well as an external journey through stunningly beautiful landscapes ~Rich

You have such a gift for teaching and such of depth of knowledge and training, in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. And you clearly embody all that you teach, I admire your sense of peace, calm, and thoughtfulness – you are beautiful inside and out – I want to bring more of these attributes into my life. ~Karen

If you’re looking for an authentic Tuscan experience, you really can’t beat staying in the heart of Tuscany. ~Anonymous

I went on a yoga retreat with Alchemy Tours to Tuscany. I was in a place where I was feeling like I needed to do something for myself to reconnect and gain clarity on my life. Do all this while practicing yoga and cycling in the hills of Tuscany? Sign me up! I didn’t know quite what I was searching for, but called it my “Eat, Pray, Love” trip. On the retreat I found myself laughing and feeling happier than I had in months; while also gaining the confidence through self-reflection that I truly am in charge of how I want my life to unfold. Since returning, I have been making small changes that are the building blocks to creating a more satisfying/fulfilling professional and personal life. And most of all, I can’t wait to go on another retreat. – Ann

Silvia took care of everything too, so it was never stressful. She had everything meticulously planned, but wasn’t rigid about it. She was flexible, accommodating and made adjustments so everyone was able to get the most out of the trip. I felt that she truly cared about us, was tuned into what we needed and did everything she could to make it an experience of a lifetime for everyone. – Amber

How did your Yoga Retreat help you make positive changes in your life?
 Before the yoga retreat, I was looking to reconnect with my wife and myself. The retreat helped in so many different ways with just those things, as well as opening up some amazing new friendships. I felt like a totally new person afterwards. – Jordan

You have such a gift for teaching and such of depth of knowledge and training, in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. And you clearly embody all that you teach, I admire your sense of peace, calm, and thoughtfulness – you are beautiful inside and out – I want to bring more of these attributes into my life. – Christine

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