Creating a More Peaceful World Through Yoga


In a yoga practice as we move + breathe, the overall energy and vibration is heightened within us and around us as we synch with the universal rhythm. As we stretch beyond the four corners or our mat and move through the day, the vibrations we emit continue to ripple throughout our surroundings.

It is rhythm entrainment, or sympathetic vibration. Anodea Judith explains in “Wheels of Light” that two waves with similar frequencies — or even one wave that is close enough to a dormant source can be set into motion — and will eventually move into phase with one another, increasing the expansiveness + depth of the wave.

In relating physics to our inner-workings, there is potential for us as yogis to cultivate a more peaceful and connected world through the reverberations of our practice.

When we join together as a tribe of teacher trainees, transformation is ignited. In surrounding ourselves with high-consciousness individuals vibrating at similar frequencies, potential heightens and depth expands. It is the Alchemy of Yoga, and we emerge ready to effectively inspire others.

Feel our vibe? Join our tribe!

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