YTT | Bali: Syllabus


Initiation into Truth (Satya)
The Four Agreements
Alchemy of Yoga: How to Live an INSPIRED Life
Alchemy as a Map of Transformation
Tapping into Your Potential and Living in Possibility
How + Why Does Alchemy of Yoga Work?

EARTH: Manifestation

Alchemy of EARTH Element
Nature Mandalas
Freedom from Fear
Shadow Work
Ethical Guidelines, Your Kula – Your Way
Greatness and Living Honorably Like a Hero & Heroine
Power of Manifestation
Applying the Philosophy of Yoga to Life
Mentoring: One on One Life Coaching

WATER: Creation

Alchemy of the Water Element
Water Rituals
Body Love
What is Yoga? Spiritual Happiness
Svadhyaya of Possibility
Intention as Your Mission Statement
Dharma as Your Vision Statement
Vision Boards & Dream Journaling
The Five Koshas
Energetic Psychology of Communication
The Chakra System
Intrinsic & Extrinsic Movement
Non-Violent Communication

FIRE: Ignition (Tapas)

Alchemy of the Fire Element
Fire Ritual + Recapitulation
Introduction to Movement
General Principles of Poses
Sun Salutations: Surya Namaskar A, B, C
Moon Salutations & Mandala Namaskars, Dancing Warriors
60 Fundamental Poses Techniques, Benefits, Purpose:
· Standing Poses
· Forward Folds + Seated Poses
· Hips + Twists
· Shoulder Openers/Backbends:
· Core Cultivation/Inversions/Arm Balances
Anatomy – Physical Alchemy
· Muscles and Bones
· The Neuroscience of Yoga
· Special Health Conditions
Anatomy – Mental Alchemy
· Stress Response & Relaxation Response
· Restorative Poses, Therapeutics, Gentle Yoga
The Art of Assisting
· Adjustments + Enhancements

AIR: Edification (Svadhyaya)

Alchemy of the Air Element

Yoga History: Lineages
Alchemy of The Yoga Sutras from Pantajali
· Alchemy of Yamas
· Alchemy of Niyamas
· Alchemy of Balance
· Alchemy of Happiness
Breathing (Pranayama) Techniques & Guidelines
· Prana Vayus
Meditation Techniques & Guidelines
Ayurveda Philosophy and Concepts
· Daily Routines (Dinacharya)
· Lifestyle Guidelines for Balanced Living
· Dosha Summaries
· Yoga of Eating: Ayurvedic Diet and Food Plans

Energetic Anatomy & Chakras
· Psychology of Yoga: The Chakra System

ETHER/SPACE: Liberation (Ishvara Pranidhana)

Alchemy of the Ether Element
The Psychologically Healthy Teacher
· Teaching as Art, Skill, & Service
· Self-Talk: Staying Inspired as a Teacher
· Teacher Mission Statement
The Psychologically Sound Classroom
· Teaching to the Heart of the Student
· Creating a Safe & Sacred Space
· Assessment of Class Energy, Mood, Style
· The Essence of Great Teaching
· Teacher & Student Relationship
· Honoring the Sacred Seat of the Teacher
· Ethical Relationships & Boundaries
Alchemy of Communication:
· Learning Sanskrit & Becoming Bilingual in Sanskrit
· Languaging: Passive & Active Instruction; Affirmative language
· Linking Words
Creating Themes:
· Drawing Inspiration
· How to Theme in Psychologically Healthy Way
· How to Guide Students to Their Own Experience Through Theming
· Teaching a Theme Based Class
· Revisiting Languaging Based on Theme
· Musical Awareness: How to Enhance your Theme Through Music
Wave Theory and Choreography:
· Wave Theory: Use of Stages, Kramas, Layering for Multiple Peaks
· Vinyasa Krama Choreography & Wave Theory Application
· The Art of Sequencing for Vinyasa Flow: Palette for Sequencing
· Mini Vinyasas, Rhythmic Vinyasa, Pulsation
· Transitions & Pausing
· Beginning & Ending a Class
· Pacing & Demonstrations
· Sample Sequence Formats & The Language of Movement
· Revisit Living Your Yoga: Embodying the Practice, Applying Yoga to Your Life
· The Business of Yoga and Sustainability

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