YTT | Bali: Intention Form

    • Intention Form

      If you feel inspired by the Alchemy of Yoga vision, we would love to listen to your story and learn more about the heart of your yoga. Simply complete the google doc above or share info below via email to Questions? WhatsApp +1 206 886 5743



      Please include: name, emergency contact, address, city/state, zip, day/night phone, cell phone, and email address.

      Step 1: Please tell us more about your yoga practice

      • How long have you been taking yoga classes and/or practicing?
      • Who have been your most influential teachers and why?
      • List any trainings, intensives, or retreats attended and why?
      • What style(s) of yoga do you practice?
      • How often and how long do you practice?

      Step 2: Why do you want to take this program?

      • Why do you want to be a certified yoga teacher?
      • What are your expectations for the training? What do you hope to gain, learn, or improve?
      • Do you teach yoga now? If so, please describe in detail.
      • If you plan on teaching after completing the program, why do you want to teach yoga?

      Step 3: What does yoga mean to you?

      • Describe how your life has been impacted by practicing yoga.
      • Tell us about your hobbies, interests, community service, etc.
      • Describe your physical health (major illnesses, surgeries, physical conditions).
      • Tell us about your emotional and mental health
      • Do you have a support network of friends or therapist?
      • Does your family support this journey you’ve decided to take?
      • This program requires a significant time commitment. Do you have any other major commitments (grad school, 2 jobs, etc.) that would prevent you from participating fully?