Bali: What to Pack

What to Pack and What to Shop For

What TO Pack for Bali:

  • A flashlight (or headlamp if you are going on early morning Volcano hiking excursion)
  • Camera (bring extra batteries, a backup camera)
  • Sunglasses (even a spare wouldn’t hurt)
  • Hat! You are close to the equator!
  • Sunblock is EXTREMELY expensive in Bali. It is probably because it has to be imported and therefore subjected to a high tax. You will go through sunscreen faster then you expect because you have to put it on everytime you go out in the sun or you will get burned. I would bring one large tube for the week, and then a nicer tube of sunscreen for your face with a higher SPF.
  • Light clothes in natural, breathable fabrics. No heavy synthetics, especially not for yoga (sorry lululemon).
  • Choose colors that will reflect the light of the sun; white is a staple and you can never go wrong with it.
  • HowtopackBaliPhotocollageRecommend knees covered when possible in Ubud or in smaller villages, out of respect, instead of short shorts. The short shorts are fine at the beach.
  • Sleeveless tops are fine, so are tank tops but have a scarf/shawl with you that you can wrap over your shoulders if necessary.
  • Light weight long sleeve to protect yourself from the sun for those that are more sensitive.
  • Easy, flowy lounge pants, beach pants are a nice option
  • Shoes: you need flip flops and a pair of shoes you can walk/hike around in (closed athletic shoe). No need to bring your heavy hikers. And a cute set of sandals but no heels. The sidewalks in Ubud are famous for tripping.
  • An extra pair of contacts if you wear them, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • For hiking, be sure to have a lightweight backpack to carry your personal belongings. Also great when riding a Vespa, or riding a bike into town and around.
  • Chargers for phone, camera
  • A small backpack or bag you can bring your magazines and sun block and such. And can be used for all the cool stuff you buy to take home with you!
  • Bug repellent (at least something, then you can always buy more sprays, lotions in Bali for very cheap)
  • Little wetnaps or kleenex pack. Most of the nice places will have toilet paper, but it won’t be unusual not to find any or easy way to wash your hands. It is a good idea to keep little wet naps or tissue with you at all times just in case.
  • PS What do I personally wear? I a lot of dresses, flowy pants, hats, sunnies, purse over shoulder (with camera, scarf, and temple wear so I’m always ready)

You’ll be wearing on average two outfits a day: yoga and then a travel outfit for excursions later.
o Lightweight longer sleeve tops to protect from sun
o Light and airy beach pant will offer you some extra coverage and still keep you cool from the heat.
o In general? 5 tops, 3 bottoms, 3 dresses, 1 outerwear, 3 swimsuits, 3 pairs of shoes (plus yoga stuff)
o Bring an outerwear piece that is light
· Yoga clothes (but no need to overdo it, we don’t mind if we see you in the same outfit more than once.)
· Scarf to cover shoulders (or buy one there) for entering temples. They will cost $3-7
· Shorts above the knee are fine on the beach or touristy destinations but not in the temples or holy places. You will NOT be allowed entry.


  • Out of respect for local customs please bring pants or skirts that fall below the knee to enter temples and go anywhere non-touristy.
  • Sleeveless tops are ok to wear just carry a lightweight scarf that you can wrap around your shoulders if necessary or a lightweight long sleeve you can layer over when going into temples.
  • We will be following local traditions such as wearing a Sarong (both men and women) where necessary. We can buy them there from $3-$7.

What NOT to pack for Bali:

  • Tons of clothes: You will end up buying clothes while in Bali, because everything is so beautiful and well priced.
  • Don’t try to bring an electric toothbrush because the outlets may fry the charger.
  • Lots of shoes: The only shoes you will need in Bali are flip flops and a good pair of walking/water shoes if you want to do any hiking. Do not bring high heels because the sidewalks are uneven and hard to walk on.
  • Expensive Shoes
  • Jeans. You may see locals in tight jeans but for us we will over heat.

What to BUY in Bali: Shopping List 🙂

  • Surfers delight! You will get super great deals on Billabong and Quicksilver
    Jewelry both high end but inexpensive silver pieces made by true artisans to leather bracelets, gorgeous inventive one of a kind pieces
  • Malas! Giddy up. No one loves malas more than me. Here you’ll find heaven for malas.
  • Art: both high end, incredible artwork and less expensive canvas art. I always find beautiful pieces to add to my collection. I can take you where you want to go.
  • Deities: Statues of Ganesh, Laskmi, you name it they are here made with heart and love
  • Furniture: Your trip could be about getting the most amazing bedroom set or dining room. The wood working is something Bali is known for.
  • Designer Shopping. Mister Zimi, Alice McCall, Auguste Frank, Uma, Leopald, Magali Pascal to name a few. You can go as high end as you want here. You’ll have options ranging from French designers to Australian innovators and more!
  • Penises: What?! Yes, key chains, kites, coffee table size. I’ll explain when together. It’s the power of Shiva Lingam!
  • Coffee: most expensive coffee in the world is from Bali. Kopi Luwak. We’ll take you to a coffee plantation for a tasting and tour.
  • Eco Stuff: aromatherapy stuff, cacao, art pieces.
  • Market: This is where we’ll buy sarongs to wear into Temples. And other things like incense and such.
  • Remember Bali shopping is legendary! Come prepared to buy something.