Bali: Theme

Bali Yoga Retreat Theme: Gateway to the Heart

Namaste Soul Brothers & Sisters!

If life feels like its sped up but you’re in slow motion, that is a good indicator that you need to take a time out to align what your life feels like with what it looks like. The fastest way to rest is to Surrender.

Surrender to what? To Love.

The question is, are you ready to truly enter the Gateway to the Heart?

Letting go is a daily practice. Try it for a week with our support and over 30 years of combined experiencing holding space.

In Bali we empty out the residue that clog up the arteries of our hearts so we can live from love. We will lose our addictions, especially to worry. We will let go of the addiction to ANYthing that makes us numb (too much TV, internet, lack of sleep, low vibe food, and more.) We will allow ourselves time to surrender to what we really feel instead of numbing it out or running away from it.

Join Kevin Westrich and Silvia Mordini in the ultimate Alchemy of Love Retreat on the island of love, Bali!!

There is something about living in the most loving culture on earth that inspires your love to grow as well. Bali is not a destination you check off a bucket list, never to think of again. She holds a piece of your heart forever and gently encourages your soul even when apart. Your first visit is the beginning of a lifelong love affair.

Our Alchemy of Happiness Week LOOKS like this:

Earth Element (Bhumi) Days 1-2 (1st Chakra Root)
Water Element (Jala) Days 3-4 (2nd Chakra Sacral)
Fire Element. (Agni) Days 5-6 (3rd Chakra Solar Plexus)
Air Element (Vayu) Days 7-8 (4th Chakra Heart)


Our week FEELS like:
Poetry, Dharma, Sweetness, Bhakti, Healing, Hiking, Laughing, Hugging, Swimming  & Music.

May all of your lives, no matter where you are, be filled with Beauty. Art. Inspiration. and Love.