Bali: Theme


Namaste Soul Brothers & Sisters!

There is something about living in the most loving culture on earth that inspires your love to grow as well. Bali is not a destination you check off a bucket list, never to think of again. She holds a piece of your heart forever and gently encourages your soul even when apart. Your first visit is the beginning of a lifelong love affair.

Our Alchemy of Happiness Week LOOKS like this:

Earth Element (Bhumi) Days 1-2 (1st Chakra Root)
Water Element (Jala) Days 3-4 (2nd Chakra Sacral)
Fire Element. (Agni) Days 5-6 (3rd Chakra Solar Plexus)
Air Element (Vayu) Days 7-8 (4th Chakra Heart)

Our week FEELS like:
Poetry, Dharma, Sweetness, Bhakti, Healing, Hiking, Laughing, Hugging, Swimming  & Music.

May all of your lives, no matter where you are, be filled with Beauty. Art. Inspiration. and Love.