Bali: Spa and Healing

The Importance of Healing and Self-Care

Ubud is world renowned for its unique and revitalizing spas and spa treatments – try anything from traditional Balinese massage to reflexology (with hundreds of options in between). For $10-$45 USD you can have an amazing treatment or series of treatments in a soothing & stunning location. Many of the spas in town will pick you up at the resort and then drop you in town or back at the resort after. We suggest that you plan at least 3-5 massages during the week.

A few of our favorite Ubud spas (& there are SO many other good ones!):

  • Ubud Bodyworks (
  • The Yoga Barn and Kush Ayurvedic Center (
  • Zen Spa (
  • Bali Botanica (


We include a FREE massage as our gift to you!

Balinese Massage improves overall health and is one of our favorites.

Experience Holistic Healing at The Yoga Barn

A holistic lifestyle finds the balance in physical, emotional and spiritual well-being while holistic healing focuses on the whole person, going deep into the psyche, not just working on the symptoms.

At the Yoga Barn, the range of modalities practiced include CranioSacral, Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Ayurveda Customized Consultations, Naturopathy & Allergy Elimination, Reiki, Shiatsu, Pranic Healing & Chakra Balancing, Deeksha Blessings, Indian Sound Healing, Sound & Medicine Healing, Thai Yoga Massage and Esalen Massage. To book an appointment please email

List of Holistic Healers at Yoga Barn

KUSH Ayurvedic Center at Yoga Barn

Kush_GANESHAS_smKUSH derives its name from the Sanskrit language meaning Happiness. It brings us pleasure to guide you to a place of balance, calm, strength and contentment. Visit

KUSH treatments focus on balance and rejuvenation. Each healing ceremony draws from ancient Vedic and Tantric practices. Our dedication to authenticity of technique, purity of product and devotion to optimum health and wellbeing have resulted in the development of a healing environment like no other in Bali. Make your appointment by emailing

Ubud Bodyworks

•Relaxation Therapy Massage (1 hour) This is a relaxing massage with Reflexology and Acupressure
to release tension and fatigue.
•Bodyworks Relaxation Massage (1 hour) This is ideal for releasing stress.

Massage with Scrub Treatments:
•Exfoliation Massage/Mandi Lulur (1 hour 30 minutes Rp. 175.000)
A full body massage followed by exfoliation scrub with herbal cream and yogurt rubdown. Finally, relax and soak in a tropical flower bath for cleansing the skin.

•Spice Bath – Boré Scrub/Mandi Rempah (1 hour 30 minutes Rp. 200.000)
Full body massage followed by Boreh scrub (a herbal mask rubbed on the body) with herbal cream and yogurt rubdown. Then relax and soak in a special spice and flower bath. This is excellent for revitalizing your circulation.

Healing Rituals

If you so desire, we are happy to help coordinate appointments for you with local Healers. Learn more about the tradition of Balians below. Basic Facts about Balians: Balinese trade information about Balians with skill and charisma, because we do not believe in anyone who declares himself a “Healer”. There are bogus practitioners, some quite famous. Most Balians were “chosen” to be healers; they did not necessarily choose the path themselves. They came to discover their gifts in the course of trying to heal themselves. Balians do not advertise, draw attention to themselves, or IMG_0433like to be addressed as Balian, as this can invite jealousy and bad feelings. True Balians receive their gifts from a spirit, based on Bali Hindu philosophy. They credit this spirit with giving them their gift of healing. Others receive their gifts through a very long intensive study and initiation from a well-known healer(s) or High Priest(esses).

They are the Balinese equivalent of a “doctor”, who has to follow an etiquette and moral code, which is not that different than the modern doctor. Healers are not regarded like movie stars or celebrities so don’t treat them like one. There are so many types of healers who work on specific problems, from broken bones to broken heart, mental disorders to “mysterious” problems, so chose one that is appropriate for you. Expect that it will be a process–expect to receive several treatments at least and that you might have to change Balians if one does not work.

* It is not an instant process; so don’t expect to be healed on your way to the Airport. Balinese bring an offering to a healer, with a token of appreciation (fee) inside. At the conclusion of the day, the healer dedicates this offering to their spirit in the family temple. People give what they can afford. Foreigners should give at least 100,000rp. Think of what you pay your Doctor! Your offering should never be less than what you are paying your guide or driver. Balians are regarded on a status similar to priests. Consequently if you visit one, you should show respect by dressing in a sarong and temple scarf. Remember always to give your offering with your right hand, and never point the bottoms of your feet at the healer. Never ever touch their head or face, which is the most sacred part of their (and your) body.