Bali: Cuisine

Retreat Cuisine

Almost all meals are included, though you may wish to explore on your own at times.  This is welcomed and encouraged. You will delight in traditional, healthy, organic Balinese Retreat Cuisine! You will have a choice of vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten free, halal, and many more options.

What is the local cuisine like?
Indonesia is comprised of many islands, all with many culinary influences. In Bali, fresh, raw food abounds, and the locals prepare many delicious traditional dishes, such as Nasi Goreng (the national dish of Indonesia & one of our favorites). Rice dishes served with sides of savory meats & vegetables are often part of breakfast, lunch & dinner.

The arts and crafts capital of Bali, Ubud has excellent cuisine from all over the world – no tradition is left unrepresented and with an abudance healthy, organic, raw, vegan & vegetarian food.

Some of our favorite restaurants to try are:
Sari Organik (situated in the middle of the rice fields, stunning & delicious)
KAFE (fresh raw & cooked meals – best dessert in Bali with free wi-fi)
Bali Buda Cafe (great juices, raw & cooked offerings)
Kue (great coffee, desserts and lunches with free wi-fi)
Alchemy (world’s most unique and wonderful salad bar)
Bridges Bali (great for wine, cocktails, live music)
Cinta (mixed American / Indonesia – free wi-fi, exceptional)
Taco Casa (Mexican, surprisingly authentic and savory)
Pizza Bagus (Italian Food, Gelato, Try the Tortellini Al Funghi)
Seeds of Life (raw, vegan, healthy)
Cafe Wayan (made famous in the YOGA BITCH book)
Clear Cafe (under construction after a recent fire – best juices on the island)
Siam Sally (fun, thai cuisine)
Jazz Cafe (great food, even better music)
Pundi-Pundi (asian-fusion)
CP Lounge (near the big soccer field, great food & music)