Amsterdam: Helpful Hints


Culture of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s appeal lies in its rich cultural heritage, diverse and creative culture, commercial dynamism and high quality of life. Ultimately, the city’s strongest asset is its people: the people who live here, the people who work here, the people who study here, and the people who visit here.

The city of Amsterdam can look back on a long and interesting history, and today it prides itself on a rich cultural life and a diverse population. The people who live here, the people who work here, the people who study here and the people who visit here are what makes Amsterdam vibrant and multi-faceted.

About the Island of Terschelling

Terschelling is one of the Waddeneilanden ( West Frisian Islands) located in the North of The Netherlands and is known for its serenity, beauty and idyllic qualities. Even the journey is filled with magic, a short car ride from Amsterdam, including crossing a 32 kilometre long dike and a beautiful ferry ride to get to the final destination. Once arrived, the wind and waves will wash any worries away, increasing mindfulness and allowing for a quiet state of mind. While the island of Terschelling has all the modern conveniences, as we will be staying in luxury accommodations and dine at a Michelin Star worthy restaurant, it is mother nature that truly shines; part of Terschelling is a World Heritage Unesco site with unique wildlife, dunes, marshlands and forests that can be explored through hiking paths or many of the perfectly maintained biking trails. I am so excited to share my heritage, love and passion for Terschelling with our tribe members on the Amsterdam & Terschellling Idyllic Heart and Soul Retreat.



Read up on Dutch culture with these suggestions.
Green Guide—The Netherlands | Michelin Publications | The Green Guide is a very handy reference guide with maps, information, hotels and easy reference
The UnDutchables- Colin White, Laurie Boucke- An observation of the Netherlands, its culture and its inhabitants and their mentality

USEFUL WEBSITES: Official portal website of the City of Amsterdam, with everything you need to visit, enjoy, live, work, invest and do business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Online travel guide to Amsterdam. START. The must-see’s, must-do’s and other basics about Amsterdam Top Amsterdam Things To Do: 3587 reviews and 5962 photos of 190 things to see and do plus top deals in Amsterdam, Netherlands from real travelers and locals The tourist agency for the island of Terschelling, providing information on bike and walking tours, maps, souvenirs, and excursions. | The web site of the European Travel Commission with practical information about traveling in Europe as well as links to some commercial booking services.


Fortunately, getting around in Amsterdam with little or no exposure to the Dutch language is not very difficult. The Dutch are, by nature, outgoing and often speak 3-4 languages fluently including communicating in English. Here are some useful words and phrases to help you get started:
English Dutch
Yes / No Ja / Nee
Hello / Hallo / Goodbye Tot Ziens (formal)
Please Alstublieft
Thank you Dank U Wel
You’re welcome Tot Uw Dienst
Excuse me Pardon
I’m sorry Mijn Excuses Good morning Goeden Morgen
Good evening Goeden Avond
Good night Welterusten Goodbye Doei (informal)
To the left Naar Links
To the right Naar Rechts
Straight ahead Rechtdoor
Bicycle Fiets
Hotel Hotel
Scooter Bromfiets


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