Amsterdam: Cuisine

So what is Dutch food exactly? Generally speaking, it’s simple, hearty, meat and potatoes fare. Favourites include erwtensoep (pea soup with ham and smoked sausage), stamppot (mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables, served with meat and gravy) and suddervlees (slowly braised meat). Thanks to its proximity to the sea, fish and seafood also feature heavily on Dutch menus, especially plaice, mackerel, eel, mussels
and shrimp. The Dutch are also crazy for their friet (chips/ fries)!

Caracol Restaurant: a 2 star Michelin worthy restaurant that incorporates market fresh ingredients from land and ocean as well as produce from their own biological gardens in West- Terschelling. The Biological Gardens of Wellness Restaurant Caracol are a 15 minute bike ride from the actual restaurant, and are perfectly maintained by its Chef and supporting staff.
Many of the greens, lettuces, herbs and vegetables that are utilized in the restaurant grow in the gardens and are considered organic. A guided tour will be available on the day of our dinner at Caracol, and we might even pick some fresh ingredients to appear on our dinner plate later in the day!

Dinner at Restaurant Nap: At any time of the day you can enjoy sumptuous food or a light snack, just what you fancy. That could be finger food (including oysters, crostini, antipasti, yakitori or fries with), but also a delicious soup or salad, a thick, rich fish sandwich, sandwich or club
sandwich. A unique feature is that you can come already from 11:00 in our courts of our dinner menu: lobster, steak fries, our NAP citizen or a
Daily special. With every dish we have a suitable wine.

Lunch at Paviljoen Walvis: A unique location on the Green Beach at the foot of the high dune at West Terschelling. With sweeping views across the mudflats, the nature Noordsvaarder and in the distance our beautiful neighboring island Vlieland. Enjoy on our patio, veranda, porch or inside in our cozy pavilion of all this beauty. If you do so is to enjoy, we serve a delicious lunch or dinner and many other delicacies.

Rijsttafel (rice table): is an elaborate meal adapted by the Dutch following the Hidang presentation of Nasi Padangregio of West Sumatra. It consists of many ( forty not unusual) side dishes served in small portions, accompanied by rice.