Amsterdam: Activities

Paviljoen West aan Zee

Lunch at Paviljoen West aan Zee will be one of the culinary highlights of visiting Terschelling. Accessible by bike from West-Terschelling on the historic “Longway” bike path, pedaling through forest, dunes and wetlands, this famous beach pavilion offers the perfect setting.

Right on the ocean (Northsea), yet protected from the wind and with stunning views, it is a must stop for local epicurean delights. The wide beach in front of the pavilion will make for a relaxing stroll
or some famous beachcombing as the local “strandjutters” ( treasure hunters) have done for centuries. Returning to our hotel at the end of the afternoon through an alternate secret bike path, this journey should provide long lasting memories.


The Rijksmuseum, or National Museum, is the premier art museum of the Netherlands, and no self-respecting visitor to Amsterdam can afford to miss it.

The collection includes some 5,000 paintings, most importantly those by Dutch and Flemish masters from the 15th to 19th centuries. The emphasis, naturally, is on the Golden Age. Pride of place is taken by Rembrandt’s Nightwatch (1650), showing the militia led by Frans Banning Cocq. Other 17th century Dutch masters include Jan Vermeer (The Milkmaid, and Woman in Blue Reading a Letter), Frans Hals (The Merry Drinker) and Jan Steen (The Merry Family).

Other sections include Sculpture and Applied Art (delftware, dolls’ houses, porcelain, furniture), Dutch History and Asiatic Art, including the famous 12th century Dancing Shiva. The museum’s famous print archives have some 800,000 prints and drawings.

Van Gogh Museum

self portraitThe Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum maintains the world’s largest collection of the works of the world’s most popular artist – Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), his paintings, drawings and letters, completed with the art of his contemporaries. Each year, 1.6 million visitors come to the Van Gogh Museum, making it one of the 25 most popular museums in the world.

Even if you are not a big Van Gogh lover, do not miss this museum. Its modern main building was designed by Gerrit Rietveld, completed by his partners after his death (opened in 1973), with later built
elliptical exhibition wing by Kisho Kurokawa (opened in 1999). Both give a visitor brilliant space to admire art works, to look and to breathe.

Amsterdam Canal Boat Ride

The history of Amsterdam is intimately connected with water. Its 165 canals were created over the centuries to stimulate trade and transport and reclaim land to expand the city. They continue define the colorful buildings 2city’s landscape and in 2010 Amsterdam’s canal ring was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. An hour long tour will take us through the centre of the city, out into the harbor and
along many historic landmarks from a water perspective.

Walking Tour of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

The Walking Tour brings us through the picturesque village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, situated 9 km outside of Amsterdam. Right on the Amstel river, we will meander through the historic centre, visit beautiful church and make sure to stop at the famous Bakkerij (Bakery) Out, in existence since 1897.

Amsterdam Bike Tour

Over the course of approximately 3 hours, learn about our funky crooked houses and wondrous waterways, the very liberal public policies around sex and drugs, and how a single company brought this small, relatively young European city to such wealth, power and prominence.

You’ll be taken through the most beautiful and interesting aspects of this city and learn about its rich, strange history as well as the weird foibles that make up Amsterdam culture. All of this mixed with the observations and opinions of your guide, all of whom are well seasoned and eager to share their hard earned knowledge. Biking is thirsty work, so we’ll mostly stop towards the end for a drink at one of our favorite local drinkeries.

Groene Strand Beach Hike

Groene Strand “Green Beach” is the most famous of the Dutch beaches located on the Western part of the island of Terschelling. It is home to a valley in between younger and older dunes that makes for exquisite hiking. Sea lions frequent the area as well as rare bird species and this protected area is part of a Unseco Heritage site.

Pavilion Walvis

Located on the most beautiful Dutch island of Terschelling, Paviljoen de Walvis is known for its exquisite food, local libations and friendly service. Moreover, overlooking the famous beaches and tidal flats of Terschelling, it is recognized as the one spot in The Netherlands for the best sunsets ever.