Amalfi: What to Pack


Packing List Essentials
· Airline Tickets
· Passport
· Wallet
· Picture ID
· Some Cash (in euros)
· Copies of hotel confirmations
· Emergency phone numbers
· Contact numbers to report credit cards lost
· Prescription and OTC medications
· Guidebook
· Currency converter
· Plug adaptor/convertor
· Camera
· Backup batteries
· Extra film or memory card
· Wine bag carrier
· Compression clothing bags or oversized zip lock bags to pack clothes flat and avoid wrinkles

Self-Care items to pack
· Travel alarm clock
· Book and magazines
· Glasses, sunglasses and contacts
· Anti-bacterial hand gel or wipes
· Hand lotion
· Small first-aid kit
· Non-perishable snacks while in transit

1. Speak to your bank to ensure you have security clearance to use your credit card in Italy and memorize your pin. Do check to find out what your daily ATM withdrawal limit is before going. This will be the easiest way to get cash. Also, check with your bank to be certain you know if there are extra fees for foreign withdrawals.

2. There is free wireless internet available. It is slower than we are used to now, but it works great for essential emails and surfing.

3. Make copies of your passport and tickets and keep them in a safe place in your luggage. If your passport is stolen, a copy will speed up the replacement process. Leave a second copy of your passport with a family member back home. It’s also a good idea to bring telephone numbers for your credit card company.

4. Get some Euros before you leave. Go to your bank at home and exchange a small amount of cash, just enough for a cab ride or basic spending on arrival. That way if you get into town and an ATM machine is down, you aren’t stressed. But don’t exchange too much. And don’t exchange money at the bureau de change or such at the airport because they usually charge an exorbitant fee (either via a horrid exchange rate, or high fees).