Time is Elastic Every Day is New By Jim Beckwith

My mind stops me from doing a lot of things that might be worth doing.

How many times have you been pulled out of your tendency to stay, to not move to not go out into the world to experience something new. Every day is new. Every time you take that body out for a spin is a new experience. I once had a friend who’s motto was “good things happen when you leave the house”. You have to step out of your comfort zone a bit to experience life.

There is always some part of me that dreads getting on a plane to go somewhere. Dealing with everything that goes along with getting to and from and through the airport just to get to the point of getting on that plane.

Invariably, though, I’m glad I did. 

I worry about time. I worry about energy. But in my human experience, I don’t really feel like I’m living unless I’m doing something, and doing something different in some way.

I resist. Then sometimes it’s my most favorite thing ever! Like the flight to Bali. I was just there recently for the first time ever. Did I have resistance to the travel part? Yes. Who wants to think about 24 hours of travel? Don’t think about it. Because every moment is another moment of breath and consciousness. You can choose how you use it. And honestly, the Trans-ocean flight experience is so comfortable these days, much better than domestic flights. You can sleep a bunch, eat a bunch and watch movies! Sounds like a rain day at home on a day off. Who doesn’t want that?

P1080463In the end it was really easy. And if you have a layover you get to see some of the nicest airports in the world that don’t seem so much like airports. They are more like nice mall, and I don’t like malls either, but they usually offer some way to get away to a quiet space also. I’ve heard the one in Singapore actually has a pool!

Then you get to your destination and life is new again. In a different place and culture we must experience every moment more fully because everything is new, unexpected. We can’t take what we are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting for granted. Time is elastic. One week can seem more like a month.

You want to experience life as a child again?



Jim sipping coconutBy Jim Beckwith

Find him at http://www.jimbeckwith.com

Travel with him to Bali March 27 – April 3, 2016


How to Make Yoga Teacher Training Accessible to Everyone


Alchemy of Yoga is whole-heartedly devoted to the art of self-study. When a yogi feels called to step into the deeper world of self-study, we never wish for finances to impede this path.

A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training requires a significant investment on several levels — not only the financial consideration, but also the commitment of time + resources.

The investment is in yourself and it yields transformation on the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Alchemy of Yoga is unique from other teacher training programs in that it goes way beyond mastering yoga poses. While you will learn a great deal about asana, it is truly a journey in self-discovery. The role of Silvia Mordini and the rest of the Alchemy team is to provide the inspiration into this self-inquiry and hold space for your growth in a way that is true to your authenticity.

In the spirit of inclusivity + accessibility, we are proud to offer:

Additional ideas that our past trainees have used:

  • Create a fund where family/friends can contribute to teacher training as a gift
  • Develop a Go Fund Me campaign
  • Use Pay Pal’s Bill Me Later program, which offers no payments + no interest if paid in full in 6 months
  • Receive college credit by providing us with paperwork to qualify the course
  • Ask your employer to use “continuing education” budget + hours toward the program in exchange for teaching yoga on-site. We can help you be prepared to offer yoga in the workplace
  • We are always open to collaboration + work exchange — let us know if you have a skill or trade to offer

If teacher training is on your list of 2016 intentions and Alchemy of Yoga resonates with you, let us help you realize this vision.

The first step? Say hello by reaching out to Silvia (silvia@alchemytours.com) and Sarah (sarah@alchemytours.com). We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about the heart of your yoga.


The Alchemy of Yoga Team


Say Yes to Life: The Power of Words, by Silvia Mordini


The power of ritual and ceremony should not be overlooked—especially for the modern yogi. Much of our lives these days are spent running around, and as a result it’s critical to set aside time to slow down and connect to your self and your spirit with intention.

A Sacred Ritual

A daily journaling ritual where one spends 10 minutes in reflection is potent. This provides time to listen, recalibrate, remember, and honor yourself. It offers a deep source of nourishment and an opportunity to bring greater depth to your life practice.


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Yoga Teacher Sustainability 101: Stay Inspired & Thrive, by Silvia Mordini

Inspiration is key to sustaining your passion, technique and enthusiasm for teaching yoga. We all have the same pulls upon us as spiritually ordinary yogis – things like family, friendships and students to name a few. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been teaching for two years or twenty years, the challenges of sustainability in teaching yoga as a profession remain the same.

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Could you use a little shift in perspective?

Bali favs-1070164

I want to introduce others to Bali as a cultural perspective shift. A possibility of a different way of being, of seeing, of feeling. So often in our culture there is a tendency to have so much pride in the way we do things in our country, like it’s the best way or the only way. Maybe that’s not true. Is it a threatening idea to have an open mind? Much of the time it is. There was a time when I couldn’t imagine not owning a house, not having a job or a mortgage. Like there was something wrong with that. There was a struggle to become the norm. I couldn’t imagine really being able to do what I dreamed of. I couldn’t imagine doing my music, really giving my gift of song to the world, and thriving in it. I didn’t even really let myself dream. Then at some point things were breaking down and it seemed I was forced to either get a job that would kill my soul or surrender to my dharma, my purpose, my true path and be open to seeing what could be. Of course there can be fear in that. This is the challenge, the practice: To dream, to believe in possibility, to trust.


Before 2015 I had wanted to visit Bali but didn’t imagine that it would be any time soon. I didn’t really consider that it could be manifested. Then a friend coached me a little on the power of setting intention and believing that it could be. I set that in motion internally and let it be. Then somehow, the possibility came into being. You don’t always need to know the ‘how’ of anything.

I suppose it’s like what my Sufi teacher was trying to tell me when I went to him for advice, distraught about my life, worried that I was going to fail. He said, laughing, “Fail what? You just need to surrender”. I’ve spent some years learning what that really means, but years later, I feel like I’m beginning to get some understanding of it.

As it turns out, I don’t have a need for a mortgage, or a house. At some point it might be nice, but I don’t even have ‘A Place’ to live. People ask me where I live and I say “I have many homes in many places”. So many friends all over the world. I live where I am. That makes me happy. Keeps things fresh and I meet so many great people in so many places. Going with the flow, depending on magic from the Universe. It’s quite a practice. Trusting.


I’ve given almost everything up that I thought I needed in the world and I’m happier than ever. I’m singing a lot. I’m traveling and seeing the world. Somehow. I don’t have to know how.

I’d like my friends (including the friends I haven’t yet met) to see Bali, to consider how some things could be different and still be ok, and, dare I say, better – if we could adopt a few of them in our own culture.

I don’t know all of Bali, but I’ve been to Ubud.


Imagine a place where it is the absolute norm to look people in the eye and smile, seeing with love and care.

Imagine a place where, if you stop for a moment appearing like you might have a need or a little confusion as to which way to go, someone will definitely stop to see what they can do for you, not wanting anything from you and giving way more than you would expect to help you.

Imagine a place where everybody smiles most of the time!
Flowers are everywhere, devotion is multiple times daily in every home and business.
People are not judgmental of you. I never felt a hint of that.
Coconuts are the size of bowling balls and so plentiful, and the land is SO lush and green. You can get one for like a dollar. You can get a MAJOR meal for $3-$7.
Every restaurant serves a myriad of FRESH juices. Mostly always organic.
It’s not ever cold. Did you hear that? The weather is so perfect. You could easily sleep outside, but NICE accommodations are so affordable you wouldn’t.


For me, the biggest take away might be to see that it is really possible to always be kind. That’s the norm.

Anyway, that’s a start. Need a little head shift? Come see for yourself.

Jim Beckwith

Jim sipping coconut

Best Bali Temples

Bali is often referred to as the “island of a thousand temples.” In fact there are 9 directional temples in Bali to ward off evil spirits. However, some would say there are more temples than homes with well over 11,000.

When traveling through Bali your classroom is found by walking through rice fields to temples. Hiking along rivers and climbing to find the highest temples possible. Go at sunrise and sunset and the middle of the day just to see them in different light. Feel the energy of the sacred in the ordinary.

Here the meaning of being Spiritually Ordinary is an every day occurrence.

Feel it and see it for yourself and be inspired!

Join us March 27 – April 3, 2016 Bali Yoga Retreat 2016

Rice Fields of Bali UNESCO World Heritage

There are experiences where you feel your breath grow more peaceful. Walking through Bali’s Rice Fields is one of those places. It is

In Bali Rice is Life.

Even UNESCO recognized the Rice fields as as world heritage activity. Their 1000 year history tells the story of the Balinese people. In talking to anyone you can ask them about rice and they will share fables learned as children about the lessons of Rice. It is their teacher.

You feel this impact when you stand still in a rice field and just listen. The ancients seem to speak to you even if you’ve never heard them before. The

“Traveling is like talking to men of other centuries.” – Descartes

Come see these with Alchemy Tours March 2 – April 3, 2016 Ubud Bali Yoga Retreat