Alchemy of Earth Joy Playlist

Tibetan Singing Bowl – Omkar

Shanti (Peace out) – MC YOGI

Sound of Love 528 Hz – Sound Love

The Dawn of Ascentia – Dub Sutra

Ascentia – Dub Sutra

Separator – Radiohead

Follow the Sun -Xavier Rudd

So High – DJ Drez

Praise – Shantala

Across the Wide – Massimo Costa

Concrete Wall – Zee Avi

Nothing but Dust – Kevin Benjamin

Window – The album Leaf

Goodbye  – Lost in Translations

Aint Feel Nothing  – Zino & Tommy

Revathi Mystical Power – Music for Deep Meditation

3 Tips to Stop Getting Distracted by your Cellphone All the Time by Silvia Mordini


Think for a moment about the greatest sources of your daily distraction. For me, it’s my smart phone, email and surfing the web. Likely you’re no different. Even with daily meditation and yoga, I was losing productivity, constantly falling out of the present moment, working too much and losing patience with the speed of life.

Then I realized something — not only was I distracted, but I had become addicted to the causes of my distraction. I had to do something radical. The solution? I put myself in iPhone Rehab.

Read the full article HERE on MindbodyGreen

Mamaste: 25 Things My Mama Taught Me

I won the lotto when it comes to my mom whom I call “Mama.” She is and always has been my number one supporter, truth teller, protector, confidant, organizer, and believer in my potential. Mother’s Day reminds me to celebrate all Mama taught me. Read the full article here!
“What inspires me most about Mama is her absolute faith that things will work out.” ~Silvia MordiniMamaste_25-Things-My-Mama-Taught-Me