Your Happiness Return On Investment (HROI) by Silvia Mordini


Just like we have different bank accounts, so do we also have various spiritual accounts. One of the most important spiritual accounts we have is our Happiness Account. The account with the most deposits of your energy will grow—think of this as your Happiness Return on Investment (HROI).

What often happens, however, is that instead of making deposits into our Happiness Account, we squander away the currency of our energy into stress, worry, and comparison.

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10 Things I've Learned About Yoga From 20 Years Of Teaching by Silvia Mordini

silviateachingcr2014 credit DDAfter 20 years of teaching yoga, I know that there are certain challenges that any new yoga teacher will face. I only wish I’d known this when I started teaching! I might have worried a little less and enjoyed the process a little more. Here are 10 things I wish I’d known when I was a newbie.

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How to Create a Safe & Loving Yoga Environment


When a student comes to the mat, there’s an implied contract they make with you as teacher. Staying safe, honoring one’s self, and practicing ahimsa (non-harming) is of primary importance.

As teachers, however, we cannot be wholly responsible for our students’ safety. We need to teach them to take responsibility for themselves and to build self-awareness. This may mean learning and respecting their limitations, learning to self-adjust, and practicing with less ego and more love for their wellbeing.

You will find yourself saying to your students the phrases “honor your body” and “if appropriate, you might try this option.” Please take time to explain what you actually mean by saying this as it will not be self-evident for most people.

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What is Yogapreneurship?

What is Yogapreneurship? by Silvia Mordini

Yogapreneurship means creating a yoga business you love that is sustainable, inspiring, and profitable through aligning your personal, spiritual, and business goals.

Yogapreneurship is for the socially conscious business yogi who is continuously evolving on three levels.

Creation: Mindful business development and innovation that transforms your yoga. This is more than your life’s work, this is your life’s love.
Sustainment: Enter the self-sustaining growth cycle that keeps the mind, body, and spirit in a state of expansion.
Growth: Capture your infinite interest and stay inspired by regularly shifting your intelligent edge.
With 20 years of successful leadership in yogapreneurship after an intentional early retirement from the corporate world after 13 years, here is what I’ve learned. Have a strategy. Know what you want, and how to create, sustain, and grow it.

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