Listen Up! Five Ways to Be a Better Listener by Silvia Mordini

Listen Up! 5 Ways to Be a Better Listener

We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say. ~Zeno of Citium

Do you remember that time in your life where you didn’t feel listened to? We’ve all been in those relationships—whether at work or at home—where we felt invisible. Not being listened to is the same as being ignored.

Listening goes beyond simply hearing someone. Hearing does not require comprehension or action. Listening takes practice, just like any other skill. It requires that we apply ourselves repeatedly and over time in order to become more effective.
Benefits of Listening

Connects us to others, deepens relationship, builds friendships
Builds energy
Easier collaboration
Grows trust
Inspires us and stokes creativity
Promotes peace and stillness

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Yes, You Can Succeed As A Yoga Teacher. Here's How. by Silvia Mordini

“We’ve all seen them: Power Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa Teacher, Iyengar teacher, Hot Yoga Teacher, Bootylicious teacher, Hard Teacher, Sexy Teacher, etc. Drop them all. You are way more than any one label. Don’t get caught fitting yourself into a title just to make others feel more comfortable.

What all of these ideas have in common is that they feed into the always famished “Am I good enough?” machine that is your inner critic, always undermining your peace of mind. Listen to your heart. Move through the fear of failure, avoid these common pitfalls and simply do your best.” – Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness Coach

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Why Not You? By Silvia Mordini


I remember when I heard Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ask, “Why not you?”

I realized then that Wilson knows what it means to live in possibility. This is an advanced practice whether we’re talking about meditation, football, yoga, or life. Asking “Why not you?” demonstrates a mature understanding of the balance between effort and outcome.

Wilson—like Einstein—believes that every great action begins with a thought. He believes that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook. If you think you can do something great, then you will do something great.
An Exercise in Positivity

The “Why not you?” way of thinking completely reframes the victim mentality of “Why me?”

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What to Look For in a Quality Yoga Retreat by Silvia Mordini


With the plethora of choices you have in yoga retreats, how do you know you are booking a quality yoga retreat? How can you ensure that your next trip exceeds your expectations? Below are 10 key components that you’ll find in common with any quality retreat. Most importantly, when booking your yoga vacation, be sure to do your homework and ask plenty of questions.

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Alchemy of Balance: Using Chakra & Chant by Silvia Mordini


Alchemy of Balance: Using Chakra and Chant

Each day, I ask myself, “How do I maintain balance in order to live my best day ever?” As much as I try to stay balanced, I have learned that I can easily lose it. Balance may be easy to find, but it is hard to sustain. This is because we are the only ones who can do the inner work of maintaining it.

Francis Braceland writes, “We can be sure that the greatest hope for maintaining equilibrium in the face of any situation rests within ourselves.”

So how do we find and maintain balance? I have discovered two tools: chakra and chant.

The chakra—the seven main energy centers in the body that receive, absorb, and distribute life energies—are a natural starting place.

The chakra offer us a benchmark to assess our life balance.

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How to Do a Yoga Tune-Up in 3 Easy Steps by Silvia Mordini


How to Do a Yoga Tune-Up in 3 Easy Steps

What would you change if you could go back in time? Would you want to repeat chaos or tranquility? If there was a Yoga Time Machine, how much would you do to tune things up to live in alignment? And would you wish to achieve this with effortless effort this time, or with strain and striving like last time? Tuning Up Your Life, Yogi Style

Our natural state of being is vibrancy and happiness. Yet, there can be times when we feel run down and worn out. This usually means we need a tune-up to recharge our batteries. Yoga can help us do that by giving us the time to take an honest look at how we have been thinking, feeling, and acting.

This recognition of how our heart is responding will give us the key to bringing ourselves back into alignment.

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