Should I Go to Yoga School?



This time of year, with many annual Yoga Teacher Training Programs about to start in September or October, I am asked over and over again, “Should I go to Yoga School?” Honestly, if you are really asking, well… the answer is an unequivocal YES!

The first chapter, and the first verse of the Yoga Sutras presents this opportunity “AND NOW BEGINS THE STUDY OF YOGA.” This implies that only once you are ready to be a dedicated student of Yoga, only then will you actually begin your studies. No one else can decide that for you.

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Silvia’s 2015 Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Trainings:

Shefa Yoga Roosevelt – Seattle, WA: November 2nd, 2014-May 18, 2015 (module program)

Haute Yoga Queen Anne  – Seattle, WA: October 24, 2015-February 11th, 2016

Blue Spirit – Nosara, Costa Rica: August 1-22, 2015

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