Presenter Silvia Mordini – Hawaii Yoga Festival 2015!


We are so excited to announce that our co-founder Silvia Mordini will be presenting at the 2014 Hawai’i Yoga Festival at Kalani Oceanside Retreat center on the big island (Kona) of Hawai’i.

Kalani, where Hawai’i Yoga Festival will take place, is a non-profit retreat center in the beautiful, dense rainforest on the south of the island. Because of its non-profit status, it is an affordable place to spend your vacation.

Kalani Honua means harmony of heaven and earth, and this is what we aspire to. We welcome all in the spirit of aloha and are guided by the Hawai’ian tradition of `ohana (extended family), respecting our diversity yet sharing in unity. We invite you to open your heart to the Big Island of Hawaii at Kalani Oceanside Retreat.” 

Silvia offerings and schedule:

November 10 1:30-3:00: Alchemy of the 4 Directions & Chakra Astrology

During this workshop, we will take the time to learn how to honor each direction and the corresponding Chakra Astrology. When we align ourselves in understanding the Alchemy of the 4 directions we gain insight into healing our psyche, emotions and well-being. This workshop opens with a Sacred Circle, call to the Four Directions, and intention setting. We will explore through movement the vibrant practice of Mandala Namaskar, a circular, fluid Vinyasa sequence that includes twists, spirals, flow motion within asanas, culminating in a joyful balance of strength, grace, and creativity that reflects the pulsing rhythms of nature: who is made up of earth, water, fire, air, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Chakras.

Join Silvia  to learn about the wisdom each direction holds for you to live a peaceful, happy life.
East = Earth, home, security, fertility, physical strength, health, adventure, loyalty, Saturn, Root or 1st Chakra
South = Fire, energy, passion, creativity, charm, creativity, sociability, wit, sun, Solar Plexus or 3rd Chakra and Mars, Navel or 3rd Chakra
West = water, adaptability, emotion, psyche, movement, confidence, persistence, Jupiter, Sacral or 2nd Chakra

November 14 10:30-12:00: Drinking the Lotus

The story of the Hero is well known. In this workshop we will tap into the energy of the divine feminine celebrating the Heroine within us.  Learn a new perspective on your practice through the prism of empowered feminine. Meet familiar poses in a more nurturing way and expand your practice with new poses approached with an understanding of the female body. Move beyond limitations, feel elegance in movement, find joy in what makes you unique in the world. Let’s sweat, play and flow and at the end give ourselves the luxury of the most beautiful guided meditation, savasana. Let’s leave feeling stronger in the voice of the feminine for a balanced approach to our life. And having made new friends in a Spiritual sisterhood.

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