Couples that travel together…5 Reasons to Travel with your Significant Other

1. Collect memories, not things. The longer you’re with your lady or gentleman friend, the more you’ll realize it’s the memories you make that are more important than the collection of possessions. Your first time feeling the ocean waves at your feet, finishing a long hike together, or sharing foods you’ve never tried are far more valuable than anything you can buy.

2. Learn together = Grow together. Experiencing new cultures always involves learning, and having your partner with you helps you both learn and evolve into citizens of the world.

3. Experience the wonders of the world and share new romantic moments. When you’re with someone you fully love and respect, it encourages you to expand your world view. You can both easefully rekindle youthful romance when you’re in a relaxed environment, free of the anxieties you may experience in daily life. Restful vacations can also train you both to handle your stress more gracefully when you get home.

4. Learn problem solving. There are always new challenges when traveling. From getting lost to deciphering foreign restaurant menu items, working as a team with your partner brings you closer. Supporting each other when you both may be of your comfort zone builds new trust and strengthens the bonds of your relationship.

5. Make new traditions. Making traditions has been a part human history in every culture since the beginning of time. Traveling and sharing new moments together breeds traditions unique to your relationship that can last a lifetime.


Respectfully submitted by Christina R at



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