Mount Agung: Bali's Home of the Gods

Mount Agung is an active stratovolcano (meaning layered with ash and lava) and is the highest point in Bali and has great spiritual significance in Bali. The volcano has been respected and feared because of its violent eruptions for hundreds of years.  Balinese believe that Mount Agung itself is a fragment of its sister mountain Meru, brought by the first hindus to come to Bali.


 The Balinese believe their island is a sacred place that the gods have made their home, and they were put there to take good care of it. After all, Bali’s incredible landscape proves a hospitable home for divine beings.

One of the main attractions of Mount Agung is seeing the beautiful Mother Temple, or Pura Besakih. The temple is actually over 20 temples and shrines for visitors to respectfully experience. Always ask your guides or the locals if the temple is open, as it is closed to visitors many days a year for rituals and days of prayer. Hindus believe it is the center of the spiritual universe, affecting all things physical and metaphysical. The belief was reinforced during the 1963 eruption, which wiped out villages and killed many people, but miraculously spared the Mother Temple of Besakih built on the side of Mount Agung. The hike to the summit of Mount Agung is challenging but absolutely worthy of your efforts. Seeing the sunrise above the clouds of Bali in the home of the gods is a truly unforgettable experience!


See the splendor of Mount Agung yourself, join us in Bali October 3-10 2015!

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