Earth Day Gratitude

Thank you trees. For providing us shade on sunny days, for reminding us that growing tall begins with strong roots and a sturdy foundation. Thank you to the woods and the forests for teaching us to find the still place inside and giving us a spiritual experience with every step into your splendor. Thank you for proving that a grand forest begins with a single seed.

 Thank you ocean. For making us feel small, for giving us a sense of wonder. Thank you for the consistency of your waves that sooth us. Thank you for your refreshing flow that softens, smooths, and cleanses us like stones in a river.

Thank you sky. For sparking our imagination, for showing us your stars to gaze at pensively and reminding us that we are all connected, looking up at the same sun.

Thank you fire, sunshine, and heat. For warming us and making us feel ignited and alive. Thank you for your example of rapid, purifying change like a wildfire of transformation.

Thank you mountains and hills. For being the original, un-decaying natural monuments of our planet. Thank you for inspiring us to set higher goals and not be frightened of the elevation.

 Thank you for every living plant and creature that keeps the delicate balance of our planet. Thank you for providing nourishment, cleaning our air, and showing us that love and companionship is possible without words.














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