Long Flight Survival Guide


window-view2The key is to eliminate as many discomforts as possible. Sitting for 10+ hours can be extremely unpleasant, but there are simple ways to enrich your experience and add to your comfort.

  • Consider natural sleep aids, like melatonin or chamomile tea. Essential oils such as lavender or chamomile also calm the body. Always be mindful of the passengers around you as they may be sensitive to certain smells.
  • Don’t go into a long flight extremely tired expecting to sleep the entire way and wake up at your destination refreshed, because that almost never works for anyone. We all know that the sleep in Economy is not necessarily restful. There’s no way to emulate your bed in an airplane seat, but you can bring along a few things to help yourself rest easy. If you’re in a window seat, bring along warm socks and a blanke
    t to cover yourself with. Plan ahead to find a neck pillow or cushion that works for you. Wear comfortable clothing that fits well.
  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Being in the low humidity on planes for hours depletes the water in your body, and in turn dries your skin and respiratory system. The remedy is to hydrate from the inside out. It may make you have to ‘go’ a few times on board, but hey- it’s not like you have anything else better to do. In addition to this- lay off the booze! It may relax you temporarily, but the dehydrating effects on your body will quickly make you stressed and uncomfortable. Save yourself from expensive bottled water by carrying one or two empty bottles through security and filling them from the drinking fountain.
  • Eat a nutritious, water-dense (as in fruits and vegetables), low sodium meal beforehand to keep your stomach content for takeoff. Bring enough food so you wont go hungry during the flight, but stay away from heavy, dense foods. The food that airplanes provide -without getting into graphic detail- leaves much to be desired in terms of safety and nutrient content. Many airlines recall food every year.
  • Move! Many people have troubles with poor circulation and swelling in the lower legs during flights, so don’t be afraid to get up and stretch your legs on a flight of any length. You can conveniently take some cat/cow style movements and twists in your seat, and even a modified pigeon if you feel up to it!


Keep your carry-on light, but be sure to include:

-toothbrush and toothpaste-entertainment, (electronics fully charged!)
-coconut oil or a light lotion if you have dry skin
-sudoku, a book, crossword puzzles


*Be sure that all your liquids and gels are under 3oz (100ml) and in a clear ziplock bag.

Bon Voyage!

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