Why Koh Samui?


Of all of the beautiful islands, beaches, and resorts in Thailand, we chose the secluded island of Koh Samui for our fall yoga retreat. We make these decisions very intentionally in order to offer you a healing, eco-concious, peaceful, and diverse home for your retreat.

Koh Samui lies in the southern part of the Gulf of Thailand and is thought to have been inhabited for 15 centuries. Until the late 20th century, Samui was an isolated self-sufficient community, having little connection with mainland Thailand.

651_wThe people of Koh Samui are very much in rhythm with the natural flow of the seasons and let no resource the island gives them go to waste. It is still known for being self sufficient, with its residents using sustainable methods to make the most of the island’s resources. Nowadays many take advantage of harnessing the island’s constant sunlight for solar powered lights and heated water. They also continue the tradition of growing and harvesting much of their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs instead of importing them from the mainland. Southeast Asia’s ‘rainy season’ between May and November provides ample opportunity for rainwater recycling.

The name ‘Samui’ itself is mysterious in that it can’t be traced to a single origin (Ko=Island). It may be a variation of the Southern indian word meaning ‘waves and wind,’ or it may be named for a native tree, ‘mui.’ The most fitting explanation, in our opinion, is that the name is derived from the Chinese word, ‘Saboey,’ meaning ‘safe haven.’
The island was even without roads until the early 1970s, and nowadays can be circumnavigated by car in just a few hours. The island hosts gorgeous, well maintained beaches with crystal clear water- always a non-negotiable for our island retreats!


Check out more info about our retreat to Koh Samui in Thailand the fall here!

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