Bucket List Adventures

If you’re a travel junkie like we are, your bucket list grows exponentially every time you log in to your twitter or pinterest account. Here are some additions to inspire you to take that next big trip!

Eat authentic italian food, in italy. There’s nothing like the real thing, made with recipes passed down by generations and graced by Italy’s charm. Pizza marguerita, Ischia’s traditional rabbit dish, and of course pasta!

Enjoy pasta in Ischia with us June 29- July 6 & in Tuscany 2015

Spaghetti in Italy

Take a yoga sabbatical to a beautiful place, to learn about yourself. People do teacher trainings for many reasons. To learn more about the spiritual aspects of yoga, to deepen their yoga practice, and to learn about themselves. Doing this self-exploration in a scenic, relaxing place will only allow you to see the beauty in yourself and the world around you. After all learning about yourself is as important, or more, than learning any subject!

Learn with us in Costa Rica at our RYT200 hour Alchemy of Yoga Training August 9-30 at Blue Spirit Retreat Center

Costa Rica Teacher Training

Play with monkeys! Just like dogs and cat, monkeys like to play! They are brilliant creatures (as smart as a three year old child) that are lively and curious.

Sacred Monkey Forrest, Bali

Sacred Monkey Forrest, Bali

Experience a Thai Herbal Steam bath. The people of Thailand have long known the benefits of the herbs, spices, and plants that mother earth provides us. They also understand the healing benefits of a good sweat, and have combined the two for a relaxing, detoxifying experience. You may even be lucky enough to have a view of the sunset or the ocean as you rejuvenate.

The sacred 'Samonpi' blend of herbs used in Samahita Retreat's Herbal Steam Bath.

The sacred ‘Samonpi’ blend of herbs used in Samahita Retreat’s Herbal Steam Bath

Salute the sunshine in December!
For many of us in north america, a warm, tropical day has not made an appearance in December. It’s even hard to imagine places in the world that are blessed with a sunny, blue skied christmas! Experience at least one December of your life with the sun on your face and a warm breeze in the air!

Enjoy winter sun in Mexico

Enjoy winter sun in Mexico

Check out our 2014-2015 trips to start checking things off of your bucket list!


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