World's Best Gelato Italy

All about Gelato & Tuscany

Rumor tells it that the Tuscans are to thank for inventing Italy’s delicious and addictive ice cream (though the Sicilians and others ardently disagree). One story suggests that an artist named Buontalenti once constructed an ice cave near Florence’s gardens for the Medici family. In it, he churned milk, egg yolks and Malvasia wine over ice creating the first milk-based “gelato.” These days, gelaterias are ubiquitous in Tuscany.

Stand-by flavors like nocciola (hazelnut), stracciatella (chocolate-specked vanilla) and frutta de bosco (berries of the forest) are joined by seasonal ones like fig, blood orange, and apricot.

Explore Tuscany to find out for yourself your favorite!

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