Take Pleasure in Yoga

When I think about the main message I want to give folks about yoga it’s this: JUST HAVE FUN. Find pleasure in the practice. ENJOY IT! I don’t want you to get all worked about about what you look like, how you practice and whether you’re doing it perfectly. I really don’t want your yoga to be another opportunity to practice the self-abuse of perfectionism.

havegoodtimeJust be YOURSELF. This means if you want to cry or laugh or both at the same time, that’s just you being you without conditions. Just like your breath is unconditional. It will breath us no matter what. I remember a time in my life where I was not given permission to breath or to be myself, flaws and all, and it felt like I was a prisoner. YOGA SET ME FREE. I want it to do that for you too.


So while I know you will find deep benefits from the practice including greater clarity and a more peaceful demeanor I hope this is achieved while you are enjoying your time on the mat. That it becomes for you what it is for me, FREEDOM, LIGHTNESS, RECESS FOR ADULTS. Let the yoga work for you, takes its lessons to heart but most of all HAVE FUN!

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