Traveling Teaches Surrender

Every time I go on vacation I begin meditating a lot about surrender. Traveling is more graceful when we practice letting go, Ishvara Pranidhana. We cannot control the timings of our arrivals or departures, traffic, when we get served a meal or receive water, or keepcalmtraveloneven the seats we are assigned.

We want it to go perfectly yet it really can only be what it will be and nothing more. Therefore my travel mantra is “I feel my heart opening as the weight of my life lifts off my shoulders.”

On the yoga mat we can treat challenging yoga poses as microcosms of life’s difficulties, and therefore great opportunities to practice the art of surrender. What’s brilliant is that the more we practice recognizing tension in a pose as an early warning sign, we can then offer our tension back to the Source, emptying and surrendering again. Realizing we don’t have to do this by ourselves and that there is an energy bigger than us that knows what’s it’s doing.

As a result, we experience a shift: A deepening of our breath and expansion of our inner strength in even the most difficult of situations. As you prepare for your next holiday, may you open your heart to surrender to the moment and be present for all the lessons that travel offers you.

When you surrender to what is
and so become fully present,
the past ceases to have any power.
The realm of being, which had been obscured
by the mind, then opens up.
Suddenly, a great stillness arises within you,
An unfathomable sense of peace.
And within that peace, there is great joy.
And within that joy, there is love.
And at the innermost core, there is the sacred,
The immeasurable. That which cannot be named.

–Eckhart Tolle, Practicing the Power of Now

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