Lumeria Maui Art of Relaxation Luxury Bliss Yoga Retreat February 14-19, 2015

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Sat, Feb 14: Arrivals into Maui, shuttles to Lumeria. Hawaiian Welcome, Deplane Yoga, Dinner
Sun, Feb 15: Excursion to Paia & the beaches of the northshore
Mon, Feb 16: Labyrinth Walk & Free Time
Tue, Feb 17: Optional Haleakala Volcano HIke
Wed, Feb 18: Optional Snorkeling at La Perouse Bay Nature Preserve
Thu, Feb 19: Closing Ceremony & Departures

8:00am-9:15am Yoga
9:30am-10:30am Breakfast
10:30am–12:00pm Free time to relax at Lumeria
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm-6:00pm Special trips
6:30pm-7:30pm Yoga
8:00pm-9:30pm Dinner

Our intentions for this retreat are as follows.

1. Deeply relax and rejuvenate. It’s your vacation
This is the main reason people come to Yoga retreats. You have a complete break from your daily responsibilities. Your body, mind and spirit can really let go and soak up a relaxing environment, giving you the opportunity for the true you to come to the surface.

2. Pay this Forward: The Effects can last for months
When you have a break of this nature the effects usually last long after the retreat is over, often for months. Many guests make new and positive choices and life direction changes which have a profound influence on their lives.

3. Be nurtured and cared for in a safe and contained environment
All sessions are optional with the focus on providing a nurturing and healing environment. You can do yoga, meditation, enjoy healthy food, have massages or simply relax in the beautiful serene environment. As a result most participants experience a deeper level of contentment and harmony within themselves.

4. Have fun with like- minded people
It is great to see how much fun a group can have hanging out together. Often people have had similar experiences which have led them to a retreat…from wanting to improve their yoga and meditation to just wanting a break from the fast pace of western life. You can choose quiet time for yourself or enjoy the interesting and fun conversations with the tribe.

5. Reconnect with the true joy of being alive
The holistic nature of the retreats is designed to connect you with your true nature and the joy of being alive. For some this is a profound experience with a powerful spiritual connection. For others it is a feeling of upliftment; others just ‘feel better’ and more positive about the future. For some it gives them the strength to face things they have been putting off for too long.


  • Iki Ohi Hale – Small Yoga Studio: The Iki Ohi Hale studio is 750 sq. ft. and can fit up to 24 people for yoga. The studio features mirrors all along one side and is equipped with yoga props, including mats, bolsters, straps and blankets. The space is ideal for smaller more intimate gatherings to practice yoga or health and wellness, host a small music venue, educational gathering or for a class or presentations. The room can be transformed into a meeting room for conferences and workshops. The Iki Ohi Hale is decorated with crystals to calm the mind and sooth the soul.
  • Nui Ohi Hale – Yoga Studio: The Nui Ohi Hale is 1,500 sq. ft. and can fit up to 60 people for a yoga class. It is equipped with yoga props, including mats, bolsters, straps and blankets. The space is ideal for larger groups, retreats, conferences, workshops, meetings, live music performances, dance, yoga and more. The room is equipped with a stereo system and high quality microphone headset for instructors with large classes. This building is in a quiet and peaceful setting, adjacent to Kumu Makani, our whispering pine forest.
  • Yoga Deck/Yoga Platform: The outdoor yoga deck sits just below a sunken terrace and overlooks the ocean and valley, allowing you to connect with nature. It is the perfect spot for a sunset meditation or yoga class. It is 1,250 sq. ft. and can fit up to 40 people for yoga.
  • Sunken Terrace: With a warm topical breeze, sunshine and ocean view, the 8,000 sq. ft. lower terrace is perfect for outdoor yoga practice, martial arts, tai chi, Bocci ball, lawn bowling, star gazing, events and gatherings, movies, or musical performances. Sitting in the courtyard, surrounded by gardens and Lumeria’s historic buildings, the lower terrace is one of the most sacred and peaceful spots, with an antique Buddha statue holding sacred space. It can fit up to 200 guests or 125 people for yoga. We offer the use of a portable sound system for events and workshops in the sunken terrace.

Luemria Maui Yoga Studio