Xinalani Mexico Recalibrate Your Life Yoga Retreat March 28-April 4, 2015

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DSCF7153ABOUT CASEY PETERSEN: Casey is an athlete, i.e, youngest child in a competitive and loving family. Brought up on the kind streets of Costa Mesa, CA where she could roam the neighborhood from park to park without fear and just had to be home by dark. Soccer was her sport until a six inch growth spurt hit my whole body except my feet and then it was volleyball. In junior college off-season it was requested of Casey to take yoga, in hopes it would make me jump higher…fast-forward to current day and she is a 200-hour certified vinyasa yoga teacher. There were many adventures in athletics and yoga in-between, of course, and there still are today. Moving her body feels like home no matter where Casey goes with volleyball taking her to Holland and Huntington Beach, CA and yoga moving her to Seattle, WA. The stillness is the struggle and in that struggle…all my peace.

Glenn is a Wisconsin native who wandered out west to Seattle, Wa 5 years ago looking for an adventure. Glenn grew up playing football and soccer, as well as hiking, fishing and hunting with his father. While earning his degree in civil engineering at the University of Minnesota, he played collegiate rugby and was captain of the concrete canoe team, working summers as a camp counselor in the woods of Wisconsin. After school he secured a job in the field of Transportation Engineering and became a triathlete, competing in multiple races per year. Upon moving to Seattle he began practicing yoga and mountaineering in the northern cascades. Glenn is an avid nature lover, always excited to learn about the plants and animals around him and always looking for something new to explore or experience.

4 Warrior Twos

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