Amalfi Italy Soulful Exploration Yoga Retreat June 11-18, 2016

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Welcome to Naples! Upon your arrival into Italy you will be just two hours South of Rome in Southern Italy’s largest city. The history is rich as it is known to have some of the world’s best opera houses. Some call it an “open-air museum” because of the walkability of viewing statues and monuments, all while enjoying some gelato. Key museums not to miss include Museo Archeologico Nazionale and Museo Cappella Sansevero, built in the late 1500s. And don’t forget nearby you will also find Pompeii, destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. A must visit!

What we love most about Naples is the Food, the Coffee and the Fashion.

Our 3 Key Things To Do While in Naples:

1. Our favorite part of the history of Naples is the fact it is home to the Pizza. They take this so seriously that in 2004, the ministry for agriculture issued regulations outlining how a real Neapolitan pizza, pizza verace napoletana, should be made. Look for the signs outside pizzerie to sample one of the three authentic types: pizza napoletana marinara (San Marzano tomatoes from Vesuvius’ slopes, garlic, oregano and olive oil), pizza napoletana margherita and pizza napoletana margherita DOC (the latter distinguished by its use of buffalo mozzarella).

2. Coffee. Jake’s favorite!

3. Fashion. Silva’s favorite! I won’t lie, I’m an admitted shopping fanatic. And I’ve had the pleasure of shopping all over the world in most every fashion capital. I have to say that the street style of Naples is straight up impressive. The sales, the expertise of shop owners, the friendliness and unique selection is unlike anywhere else I’ve been. You can’t help but be inspired! No matter what, make time for some retail therapy. You won’t be sorry! (The boots on this model are one of my favorite “finds” from Naples. I have them in black, with brown trim. My only regret is that I didn’t get a second pair! I get comments from strangers every time I wear them.)

5 thoughts on “Amalfi Italy Soulful Exploration Yoga Retreat June 11-18, 2016

  1. Hello! I really want to practice yoga with you, but I have an house there, so is it possible just do lessons?


    • Ciao Vanessa,
      We hope you received our email saying we’d welcome you to join our yoga classes while in Ischia.

      Please let us know if you are still interested and we will send you further details.

      Grazie mille!


  2. Ciao Silvia! Like Vanessa, I also live near Ischia so all the fun touring activity is something I get to do everyday (I know! Lucky us!). Can you provide a little more detail about the retreat content other than the touring activity? I heard about the retreat via the MindBodyGreen post on happiness & fitting in… so I’m curious whether the retreat also features classes/workshops on these topics. Thanks!!!


  3. Dear Silvia,

    I’ve been away from my yoga practice for about a year due to an injury. Is the level of yoga appropriate for someone returning to their practice?


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