Provence Embrace Your Purpose Yoga & Writing Retreat July 2016

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6 thoughts on “Provence Embrace Your Purpose Yoga & Writing Retreat July 2016

    • Hi Sandy,
      We are finalizing costs, they will be in the same range as all our other retreats. Stay tuned will post in the next 30 days!


      • Thanks for the response, but it’s now August and has been more than thirty days–what’s the price of this trip?


  1. This looks to be right up my alley. Your tours look like great values and being with folks with the same interests really helps the immersion process, but having some time for individual exploration is perfect. Looking forward to seeing how it spec’s out.




  2. another thing i’d like to ask: if i reserve a spot on this trip for $500 and then when the final price comes out it’s too expensive, can i transfer my deposit to another trip on your website? i really am interested in going to france, but i need to know how much the total price will be.


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