Thailand Soulful Happiness Yoga Retreat October, 2016

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What is the electrical currency/outlet in Thailand?

Thailand utilizes the standard American plug. But the voltage is 220V instead of 110V like it is in the United States. Adapters are not necessary for most battery powered items. Refer to

• Is there internet access on property?

While we hope you’ll try to unplug, yes, there is wi-fi on property and it is free for all guests.

• What will the weather be like?

Because of it’s equatorial location, Thailand tends to have fairly stable weather with the ‘wet’ season occurring between mid October and April and the ‘dry’ season between May and September. It is generally always hot with temperatures hovering in the mid to high 80s. September is a great time to visit – averages 75-90–a little cooler and a bit less humid but still tropically gorgeous.

* What if I’m allergic to certain foods?

If you are allergic to certain foods, your dietary needs will be given to the kitchen in advance so they can make a special meal for you if need be. We can accommodate a vegan or raw-food diet.

* Do I need to bring a Yoga mat?

Yes, please bring your own mat.


* What time should I arrive?

Check In Day 1

2pm Check In

3:30pm-4:30pm Snack and Refreshment

5:00pm – 6:00pm Welcome & Yoga

6:00pm-8:00pm Dinner

* What time should I plan to depart?

Check Out Last Day

7:30am-8 am Meditation

8:00am-9:30am Yoga

10:00am-1:00pm Brunch

12:00pm Check Out

Koh Samui websites:


Hello: Sa-was-dee

Good morning: A-roon-sa-was

Good evening: sa-yan-da-was

Yes: Chai

No: Mai Chai

Nevermind, You’re welcome: Mai pen rai

How are you? Sabai Dee Mai?

I am fine: Sabai dee krab/kha

Thank you: Khorb khun

Excuse me, Sorry: khor to

I do not speak Thai: Pom (chan) poos paa-saa tai mai bpen (dai)

I don’t understand: Pom (chan) mai khao jai

I don’t want: mai ao

What time is it: kee mo: hng?

Where is …: Yoo (tee) nai?

Where is the toilet? Ho:ng naam yoo nai




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