Meet Gail Hudson and Hal Abbott, Facilitating Tuscany Retreat

We are delighted to join forces with premier Conscious Couple, our dear friends and mentors Gail Hudson and Hal Abbott to co-facilitate this year’s Tuscany Couples Retreat June 21-28, 2014. Learn more about them below and join us for the romantic experience of a lifetime!

IMG_0773Seattle author and life coach Gail Hudson has been practicing yoga for twenty years and has co-led numerous yoga and writing workshops. As a life coach, Gail specializes in helping individuals identify and manifest their personal and creative passions. She is currently writing a book about the potential for intimacy, spiritual growth, and erotic fulfillment in committed relationships.

Psychotherapist Hal Abbott has been practicing marriage and family counseling in Seattle for over twenty years. Hal specializes in helping couples discover and live into their highest potential for emotional and sexual connection. Hal also has an extensive background in dance and athletics, and has recently become a serious student of yoga.

They have been married for over twenty years and have raised two children. They are worldwide travelers and share a special passion for the cultural, culinary and sensual delights of Tuscany.

Image 20

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